The Genre of the Sentence

The writer’s work is making sentences. Everything else is secondary. But too often our intentions blind us to the sentences we are actually making, or we feel that, somehow, form or genre is more important than the sentence itself. This workshop will scrutinize your nonfiction prose, looking for the opportunities, the energy, the clarity that may be lying hidden there. We’ll be aided by many other writers—Auden, Didion, McPhee, Baldwin, Joseph Roth, Kapuscinski, Dillard, Oates, etc. We’ll be thinking about writing as an act of discovery and the sentence as the smallest unit of perception. That means we’ll be using your writing. I’ll expect you to be writing new each week for this course, and we’ll all be reading each others’ work every week as we go through the semester. The goal is quite simply to clarify the act of discovering sentences and, in doing so, discovering the better writer within you.

Not open to freshmen.

Fall application due by noon on August 16.

After completing the online APPLICATION FORM, upload one Word or Adobe PDF document that contains a statement of purpose and a writing sample of approximately 5-10 pages or up to 4500 words of poetry, double-spaced. For the statement of purpose, please write a paragraph about why you wish to take this specific writing course. The file should be named with the course number and your name (Sample: ENGL 245_Sayers-Erica.pdf).

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W 1:30pm-3:20pm