Non-Shakespearean Shakespeare

The seminar looks at a number of plays that have been attributed to Shakespeare (on early title pages, in seventeenth-century booksellers’ catalogues, or in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century editions of Shakespeare’s works), almost all of which he is now (generally) thought not to have written. We explore the conditions of play making in early modern England; historical and theoretical accounts of authorship; questions of style (particularly, what might it mean to think of something as “Shakespearean”?); a set of bibliographic concerns about the publishing and printing of playbooks; the various media in which we engage plays (from the early modern theater to digital facsimiles of the early texts); and, not least, a miscellaneous group of plays worthy of study in their own right but largely ignored except for the question of authorship.

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T 1:30pm-3:20pm
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Early Modern