Philosophy of Digital Media

This course considers the deep concerns that digital media raise.  Digital media not only take us into uncharted waters: they also raise the most basic problems of complex societies and cast the oldest troubles of civilization into relief.  They inspire ancient human questions about life, death, time, and meaning.  Every new medium raises existential questions, and in our age, new media do so at both the individual, the societal, and the species level.  Our task will be to understand how digital media reconfigure—and do not reconfigure–the oldest textures of the human condition.  We will do so by surveying both a diverse array of approaches in the philosophy of media and a wide range of current topics.  Students will write a book review (6-8 pages), an original research paper (10-12) pages, and engage in short exercises in connection with the weekly discussion section.   No background in philosophical or technical fields is required.

Also FILM 210.

Undergraduate Course #: 
MW 10:30am-11:20am
WR, Hu
20th/21st Century