Traugott Lawler

Professor Emeritus of English

Address: SSS 901
Phone: 203-432-6366
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AB Holy Cross 1958
MA Wisconsin 1962
Ph.D. Harvard 1966

INTERESTS: Middle English especially Chaucer and Langland, Medieval Latin. I am currently working on my share (Volume 4) of the Penn Commentary of Piers Plowman, and on the second volume of “Jankyn’s Book of Wikked Wyves


--The One and the Many in the Canterbury Tales. Hamden, Conn.: Archon Books, 1980. (with Ralph Hanna, completing work begun by Karl Young and Robert A. Pratt) Jankyn's Book of Wikked Wyves. vol. 1, Texts. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press, 1997.

--“The Pardon Formula in Piers Plowman: Its Ubiquity, Its Binary Shape, Its Silent Middle Term,” Yearbook of Langland Studies 14 (2000), 117-52.

--“The Secular Clergy in Piers Plowman,” Yearbook of Langland Studies 16 (2002), 85-117.

--“Delicacy vs. Truth: Defining moral heroism in the Canterbury Tales,” in New Readings of Chaucer’s Poetry, ed. Robert G. Benson and Susan J. Ridyard ( Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 2003), 75-90.

UNDERGRADUATE COURSES: Major English Poets, European Literary Tradition, Chaucer, History of the English Language, Old English, The Gawain Poet, Austen and Dickens

GRADUATE COURSES: Old English, Chaucer, Langland, Medieval Latin