Preregistration for Places in Introductory Courses

Welcome to English Preregistration!

All students who wish to take an introductory-level English course (ENGL 114-130) this fall must preregister for a section. The online preregistration sites will remain open until 7:30 pm on Monday, August 25, 2014. Until that time, students may preregister at the appropriate link(s) posted below. Students are permitted to enroll in one course from each category. Those considering the English major are strongly encouraged to enroll in a literature course. All introductory courses are designed to help students develop their skills as writers. See course descriptions posted at

English Introductory Writing Courses: ENGL 114, ENGL 115, ENGL 120, ENGL 121*
*Please note that ENGL 121 is not open to Freshmen in the fall term.

English Introductory Creative Writing Course: ENGL 123

English Introductory Literature Courses: ENGL 125, ENGL 126, ENGL 127, ENGL 129

After entering your Yale NetID and Password, you will be able to view a list of available sections of the courses and rank your preferences. You may return to the preregistration sites and revise your choices until 7:30pm on Monday, August 25. Each student's submission will receive equal priority, as places will be assigned on the basis of a computerized random selection at the end of this period. Assignment notices will be sent via email from the English department on Tuesday, August 26, 2014.

To secure your place in the assigned section or on the wait-list, you must attend ALL meetings of the class until the end of the second week of classes.

If you miss preregistration period, were not assigned a section, or if scheduling changes make it necessary for you to switch to a different section, you must attend the desired section for placement on the wait-list. You must attend the class each time it meets in order to remain on the wait-list.

During shopping period, introductory course section availability will be posted and updated daily on the English department home page.

Questions about the placement process or about complications in particular cases can be directed to Erica Sayers or the DUS and Associate DUS in LC 107.