The Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) and the Associate Director of Undergraduate studies (ADUS) work together to advise students about every aspect of studying English in Yale College.  Throughout the year they hold meetings on subjects such as choosing introductory English courses, becoming an English major, applying to graduate school, and career paths for English majors after Yale.  They work with the English Student Advisory Committee on academic questions related to the major, as well as planning for social events such as the annual Halloween and Valentine’s Day Readings.


In addition to the DUS and ADUS, faculty members from English affiliated with each college can answer students’ questions about the department.  Students may designate these representatives as their sophomore and junior advisors, if they pursue advanced study in English, or they may ask another faculty member in English to serve as their advisor.  We hope that students will develop advising relationships with faculty members who share their interests, and who can counsel them over time about their course of study.  The DUS and ADUS are happy to sign schedules, if a student’s advisor is not available.

The Director of Creative Writing is available to answer questions relating to the study of creative writing within the department, and the Writing Concentration Coordinator can answer questions specifically about applying to that program.