Requirements for Current Students

The following is a summary of the requirements for the English major. For a full description, please refer to the English Language and Literature segment of the Yale College Programs of Study, under Subjects of Instruction.

Prerequisites ENGL 125 and 126 or, with 4 addtl courses in major English poets, 2 terms selected from 115127129130, or DRST 001002

Number of courses At least 14 courses (incl prereq and senior req)

Distribution of courses 3 pre-1800 lit courses, 1 pre-1900 lit course, 1 American lit course, all representing a variety of periods and figures; 2 sems, 1 in junior, 1 in senior year; no more than 5 courses numbered ENGL 130 or below; no more than 2 creative writing courses; Writing concentration—same, except 4 creative writing courses, incl 2 in one genre and 1 in another genre, with at least 3 numbered 451 or above; at least 11 lit courses

Substitutions permitted Residential college sem for departmental sem; 2 upper-level courses in other depts for electives in the major; 2 intro lit courses and 4 courses in major English poets for ENGL 125 and 126; all substitutions with permission of DUS

Senior requirement Standard major—2 senior sems; or 1 senior sem and one-term senior essay (ENGL 490); or, with DUS permission, two-term senior essay (ENGL 490491); Writing concentration—senior sem or one-term senior essay, and writing concentration senior project (ENGL 489); For the Class of 2018 and subsequent classes—meeting with Yale librarian.