Daily Themes

Writing of prose at the intermediate level. Daily assignments of c. 300 words, a weekly lecture, and a weekly tutorial. Application forms available on the Web by mid-November. Counts as a nonfiction course in the writing concentration. All undergraduate students are welcome to apply.

Spring application due by noon on December 5.


To Apply: Write a sample daily theme as described below.

Write a scene with two characters of very different ages. Make their difference in ages clear through description or dialogue or anything at all, except by mentioning their actual ages—don’t do that. The scene should be between 200 and 400 words. It can be entirely fictional or have elements of nonfiction.

Please send your writing sample as an email attachment to writingcourseapplications@yale.edu. Be sure to include your name and email address. Save the attachment as a .DOCX or .PDF document and name it with the course number, instructor name, and your name in the following manner:


Students who are accepted or placed on the wait list will receive an email by Wednesday, December 19, 2018. Please note that attendance at the first lecture is required, whether you’re on the acceptance or waiting list (wait-listed students are often admitted). If you are admitted to the class, and plan not to take it after all, please let me know as soon as possible (mark.oppenheimer@yale.edu) so that I may give your spot to a student on the waiting list. After that first lecture, I’ll assign the places of students not present at the first class to others on the wait list.

Thank you.

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M 1:30pm-3:20pm