Shakespeare in London Today


This course focuses on contemporary theatre productions in London, with emphasis on Shakespeare-on-the-stage. Students attend the theatre each week of the term, attending both traditional productions of Shakespeare, re-interpretations, new plays, and revivals; travel to Stratford and to other venues; read and discuss the plays both before and after the performances; and meet with actors and directors to discuss some of the visited productions. Questions to be considered include: What does the theatre mean to us, today? How has the theatre—and theatre going—changed over time? How are decisions made about what plays to produce? How do current productions—of Shakespeare and other contemporary plays—address political questions, including questions about race, nationalism, gender identity, and class divisions? Students write six essays during the term and each student is responsible for a presentation on one play. Our ‘text books’ are the Arden Shakespeare series and editions of contemporary plays. Once the current roster 2019 of spring productions are announced, concomitant reading is assigned and the is schedule set.

Also BRST 207, THST 209

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Renaissance Lit with permission
20/21 C Lit with permission