Styles of Academic and Professional Prose: Writing about Finance

How do we put ideas about modern financial markets and corporate strategies into words and images? This course examines the art and efficacy of white papers, cases studies, investment memos, and open letters in corporate America. Each unit of the course considers assignment-specific questions: Who is the primary audience? What is the objective of the genre? What stylistic, organizational, and rhetorical practices does the genre deploy? Alongside these more customary business genres, we will consider creative journalism that brings to life the seemingly data-driven, mechanistic worlds of finance. Through workshops, readings, and in-class discussions, we will practice building concise and persuasive arguments, and, alternatively, dramatizing details, description, and dialogue to tell Wall Street stories.

Prerequisite: ENGL 114, 115, 120, or another writing-intensive course at Yale.

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TTh 1:00-2:15