Styles of Academic and Professional Prose: Writing About Medicine and Public Health

Medical and public health stories shape the way individuals view health and disease. The coverage can influence scientific research or health policy. This course will give students the chance to join this conversation by writing about medicine and public health for general audiences and also for scientists. To do this well, students must develop a keen sense of audience as they translate complicated science, explain its ramifications, and provide historical context. Students will write breaking news stories, blog posts, a researched feature article, and a personal essay. They will also have the chance to interview a patient from Yale-New Haven Hospital, a physician, and researchers.

In class, we will analyze essays, book chapters, and news stories for craft. Students will also explore visual media to hone observational skills, and we’ll visit the Center for British Art for a workshop on observation developed for Yale medical students.


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MW 1:00-2:15