Department Undergraduate Prizes

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June 21, 2019

Congratulations to the English Department Undergraduate prize winners for 2018-2019!


Academy of American Poets: Rachel Kaufman

Albert Stanburrough Cook Prize: Esther Ritchin

Gordon Barber Memorial Prize: Rachel Kaufman

J. Edward Meeker Freshman English Prize: Kinsale Hueston


Elmore A. Willetts Prize for Fiction: Henry Reichard, Mariah Kreutter, and Nathan Brown

J. Edward Meeker Freshman English Prize: Elliot Lewis

J. Edward Meeker Freshman English Prize: Helena Lyng-Olsen


Henry P. Wright Prize: Molly Montgomery, Mariah Kreutter, and Jared Newman

John Hersey Prize in Journalism: Eren Orbey

John Hersey Prize in Journalism for a longer work of nonfiction: Eren Orbey

John Hubbard Curtis for “love of the English language and facility in writing: Ananya Kumar-Banerjee

First-Year Prizes

Winston T. Townsend Prize “for excellence in English composition”: Cathy Duong

J. Edward Meeker Freshman English Prize: Barbara Mola and Macrina Wang

Bloch Prize “for the best essay in English”: Macrina Wang

McLaughlin Memorial for excellence in English composition: Aurora Gutman, Jesse Godine, and Pinyi Zhou

Sophomore Prizes

John Hubbard Curtis for “love of the English language and facility in writing”: Sara Luzuriaga, Naima Gupta, and Alejandra Larriva-Latt

C. Wyllys Betts: Sara Luzuriaga

Junior Prizes

John Hubbard Curtis for “love of the English language and facility in writing”: Mariah Kreutter, Gillian Fu, and Seth Herschkowitz

American literature prizes for Juniors and Seniors

Richard Schoenberg Prize “best critical essay upon an American poet”: Jordan Cutler-Tietjen

Henry H. Strong Prize in American literature: Eve Sneider

Senior Prizes

Chauncey Brewster Tinker Prize for the outstanding senior in English: Daniel Flesch

Sholom & Marcia Herson Scholarship Prize “for students in the Senior Class … who shall have done outstanding work in English Language and Literature and who intend to do graduate work in English literature”: Luke Ciancarelli

Ralph Paine Memorial Prize for the best senior essay in English: Henry Robinson

Lloyd Mifflin Prize for an outstanding senior essay in English: Katie Shy

John Hubbard Curtis Prize for excellence in English courses and in a senior essay: Olivia Facini, Daniel Flesch, Veena McCoole, Gillian Monsky, David Yaffe-Bellany, Oriana Tang, and May Sawyer

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