Anna Shechtman

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Alumni Fellow in English

Anna Shechtman received her PhD in English Literature and Film & Media Studies from Yale University in 2020. She is a Yale University Alumni Fellow teaching courses on American media history and theory. Her writing can be found or is forthcoming in Critical Inquiry, Representations, the New Inquiry, Slate, the New Yorker, and The Los Angeles Review of Books, where she is a senior humanities editor.

Selected Publications

- “Command of Media’s Metaphors,” Critical Inquiry, forthcoming 2021

- “Debates Conjured, Debates Forgotten,” coauthored with John Durham Peters, Dewey/Lippmann: A Reappraisal for the 21st Century, eds. Cheryl Glenn and Stephen Browne (Penn State University Press), forthcoming 2021

- “Native Son on Stage and Screen” in Richard Wright in Context ed. Michael Nowlin (Cambridge University Press), forthcoming 2021

- “The Medium Concept,” Representations 150 (Spring 2020): 61-90.

- “The Reality Contract: Rope, Birdman, and the Economy of the Single-Shot issue 22 (November 2017)