Margaret Deli

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Lecturer in English

My research focuses on taste, expertise, and power in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  My current project, The Connoisseur Era, examines the influence of connoisseurship within a literary context, while situating this subject within a broader history of institutional and cultural activity.  Focusing on the work of Henry James, Edith Wharton, Roger Fry, and Ernest Hemingway, I demonstrate the intimacy of the rapport between connoisseurship (a style of aesthetic literacy that derives hidden value from local insight) and authorship.  The close connection of connoisseurship to the development of a transatlantic literary modernism is argued throughout.  

My teaching and research areas include nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature and culture, relations of literature to the visual arts, histories of gossip, scandal, and celebrity, modernism, trans-atlanticism, and reading and writing the modern essay.


ENGL 114: Gossip, Scandal, and Celebrity; ENGL 120: Reading and Writing the Modern Essay; ENGL 115