Matthew Morrison

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Lecturer in English

M.D., Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, 2012
B.S.J., Northwestern University, 2006

My interests include the “two cultures” of Rationalism and Romanticism; physician-writers – including Bulgakov, Chekhov, Henry Marsh, Lisa Sanders, and Oliver Sacks; philosophy of science – particularly Feyerabend and Karl Popper; phronesis; medical ethics; and ‘prosaic Romantic’ thinkers – including Tolstoy, Wittgenstein, William James, Borges, and Mikhail Bakhtin.

Selected Publications:

Critical Care: Dr. Frederick Wiseman,” Film Comment. May 13th, 2016.


CSTD 300: Humanities and Medicine

ENGL 114: Narrative and Medicine