Zulfiqar Mannan

zufiqar.mannan@yale.edu | Class of 2020

Zulfiqar MannanHi! My name is Zulfiqar Mannan and I’m from Lahore, Pakistan. As an English major, I primarily concentrate on anticolonial literature, public writing, and subjectivity to explore the themes of power, gender, and revolution. I am also a part of the Yale Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Human Rights which helps me ground my theoretical work into public practice. I am super excited to be a peer mentor for the English department because I believe unorthodox pathways in the English major are super possible, encouraged, and oft understated as one of the most stellar liberal art journeys available at Yale. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any interest in or questions about studying postcolonial literature, literature translated in English, beat-era poetry, or media studies.

Outside of the major, I contribute regularly to the Yale Daily News where I write for their WKND section. I have also written for Newsweek Pakistan, The News On Sunday, the Yale Politic, Timsaal, Zero Point Mag, and other online and print publications. I consider myself a playwright, screenwriter, poet, and fiction writer. I have had a wonderful time creative writing at Yale without being in the concentration and I would love to chat about that too.

I hope to be a resource for those struggling to decide whether they want to choose the major with regards to requirements, career opportunities, and doing English as a second major. I have taken the wisdom and skills learned from my major to two wonderful summer internships, at SOCH Videos (which is a public education/journalism initiative such as AlJazeera+ or Vox) and Human Rights Watch.