Application for ENGL 450

ENGL 450 Daily Themes. Mark Oppenheimer. Mondays 1:30-3:20

Writing of prose at the intermediate level. Daily assignments of c. 300 words, a weekly lecture, and a weekly tutorial. Counts as a nonfiction course in the writing concentration.

This application is due at noon on Thursday, December 12Any undergraduate student may apply.

Admitted students will be notified on January 6. Please be ready to respond to accept or decline placement at this time, so that wait-listed students can be swiftly admitted. The roster will be complete before the first class meeting.

Please include the names of your instructors.
500 words or less

Daily Themes requires writing five days a week. This is hard.

This class may (or may not) read and discuss works that may include depictions of evil, graphic violence, disturbing deviance, offensive racial epithets and other bigoted language, and general human frailty and despair. Such scenes—by authors as varied as Homer, Joyce, Fitzgerald, Baldwin, and you, the students—may be read aloud in class, to interrogate them for literary merit and possible use as models for your own writing.

Write a scene with two characters of very different ages. Make their difference in ages clear through description or dialogue or anything at all, except by mentioning their actual ages—don’t do that. The scene should be between 200 and 400 words. It can be entirely fictional or have elements of nonfiction.

Save your writing sample as a PDF, then email it as an attachment to In order to ensure that we can match the file with your application, the filename must include the course number, instructor name, and your name in the manner of the following example: “ENGL_450-Oppenheimer_Lastname-Firstname.pdf”.

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