Upcoming Events

March 28, 2017
Graduate Poets Reading Series: Monica Ong
March 29, 2017
The English Department Lecture Series: Deidre Shauna Lynch "How to Hold Hands in Print"
Yale Program in the History of the Book: Tiffany Stern, Professor, Royal Holloway, University of London “Playing Songs and Singing Plays: Ballads and Plays in the Time of Shakespeare”
March 30, 2017
Graduate Poets Writing Workshop - Session VI: A Lunchtime Workshop in Celebration of Spring
Reading: Brian Seibert
March 31, 2017 to April 1, 2017
Print Worlds and the Making of a Colonial Public Sphere
March 31, 2017
The Americanist Colloquium: Jared Hickman, Associate Professor of English, Johns Hopkins University
April 3, 2017
Benjamin Bagby - Performing Beowulf: Notes from the Workshop of a Reconstructed ‘Singer of Tales’
April 4, 2017
The Graduate Poets Reading Series: Cynthia Zarin
April 5, 2017
The English Department Lecture Series: Ramón Saldívar
April 6, 2017
Theory & Media Studies and the Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies Colloquia: Gayle Salamon, Associate Professor, Princeton University
Francis Conversations with Writers, Spring 2017 Event: Nadja Spiegelman
April 7, 2017
American Literature in the World Graduate Conference 2017
April 12, 2017
Theory and Media Studies Colloquium: Anahid Nersessian and Jonathan Kramnick
April 13, 2017
The Literature, Arts, and the Environment & 18th/19th Century Colloquia: Anahid Nersessian, "Wordsworth's Obscurity"
The Renaissance Colloquium: John Rogers
April 14, 2017
Americanist and the Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Colloquia: Kyla Wazana Tompkins, Associate Professor of Gender and Women's Studies, Pomona College
The Medieval Colloquium: Michelle Karnes, "Medieval Marvels"
April 19, 2017
Yale Program in the History of the Book: Elizabeth McHenry, Associate Professor of English, Department of English, New York University “Making Negro Literature: Literary Workspaces at the Margins of Print Culture”
April 20, 2017
The Theory and Media Studies & 20/21st Century Colloquia: Patrick Jagoda
April 21, 2017
Anglophone Histories: A Department Colloquium, Keynote by Professor John Guillory, NYU
April 25, 2017
Theory & Media Studies and the Renaissance Colloquia: Henry Turner
April 27, 2017
Graduate Poets Reading Series: Charif Shanahan
April 28, 2017
The 18th/19th Century Colloquium: Kevis Goodman
May 1, 2017
Literature, Arts and the Environment & the Yale Slavic Graduate Colloquium: Walk-and-Talk with Jane Costlow, "Turning the Soil: Cultivating Our Gardens in Times of Trouble (Ruminations on Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago)"
May 5, 2017
The Medieval Colloquium: Derek Pearsall, "Making a Descriptive Catalogue of the MSS of Gower's 'Confessio Amantis'"