Creative Writing & Journalism Courses

Spring 2023 Courses for Yale College Students

Creative writing and journalism course application forms will be posted here on Monday, October 24, 2022. Please submit completed applications by noon on November 4; then, when registration period begins, add the course to your Registration Worksheet and request Instructor Permission on Yale Course Search (YCS) by midnight on November 17.

Online Application Tip: log into your Microsoft account using your Yale email address and password. Please note that if you are trying to access the form while logged into any email on your browser that is not your Yale one, the page will not load.

Instructors will approve admitted student requests in YCS by 5:00 pm on November 18. Approved students must then return to YCS to Approve Changes and complete enrollment in the course. Admitted students who do not complete enrollment in the course by November 19 may have their places filled from the waiting list.

Where no application is required in advance, students may enroll during registration period, November 17 through December 2. Please check the course sites on Canvas for further information; these can be accessed through YCS by clicking on the Syllabus link in the course window.

Proposals for independent study courses are due at noon on November 7. Students will be notified by 5:00 pm on November 14 whether the proposal has been approved or revisions are required.


ENGL 123 Introduction to Creative Writing. Richard Deming.
Enroll or join the automatic waiting list through YCS on a first-come-first-served basis.

ENGL 404 Reading Fiction for Craft. Adam Sexton.
Request instructor permission through 


ENGL 407 Introduction to Writing Fiction. Amity Gaige.
Application for ENGL 407

ENGL 423/FILM 397/THST 228 Writing about the Performing Arts. Margaret Spillane.
Request instructor permission through YCS.

ENGL 425 Writing the Television Drama. Derek Green.
Request instructor permission through YCS; see Canvas for instructions.

ENGL 428 Young Adult Writing. Jake Halpern.
Application for ENGL 428

ENGL 429 Writing Humor. Ryan Wepler.
Application for ENGL 429

ENGL 450 Daily Themes. Andrew Ehrgood.
Application for ENGL 450


ENGL 455 Writing About Oneself. Anne Fadiman.
Application for ENGL 455

ENGL 456/LITR 348/HUMS 427/JDST 316 The Practice of Literary Translation. Robyn Creswell.
Application for ENGL 456/LITR 348/HUMS 427/JDST 427 due *November 14*

ENGL 460 Advanced Poetry Writing. Cynthia Zarin.
Application for ENGL 460

ENGL 461 The Art and Craft of Television Drama. Aaron Tracy.
Application for ENGL 461

ENGL 462/FILM 401/THST 453 Writing Screenplay Adaptations. Donald Margulies.
Application for ENGL 462/FILM 401/THST 453

ENGL 463 Writing Outsiderness and Interiority. Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah
Enroll through YCS on a first-come-first-served basis.

ENGL 464 Diggin’ in the Historical Crates: Breathing Poetry into the Archives. Tyehimba Jess.
Enroll through YCS on a first-come-first-served basis.

ENGL 465 Advanced Fiction Writing. Amity Gaige.
Application for ENGL 465

ENGL 467/PLSC 253 Journalism. Susan Dominus.
Application for ENGL 467/PLSC 253

ENGL 473 The Journalism of Ideas. James Surowiecki.
Application for ENGL 473

ENGL 478/ARCH 392 Writing About Place. Cynthia Zarin.
Application for ENGL 478/ARCH 392

ENGL 480 Writing About Justice and Injustice. Sarah Stillman.
Application for ENGL 480

ENGL 483/LITR 305 Advanced Literary Translation. Peter Cole.
See Canvas for instructions.

Hybrid Course

ENGL 437/HUMS 184/AMST 184 Reading and Writing Biography. Karin Roffman.
See Canvas for instructions.

Independent Study

ENGL 487 Tutorial in Writing. Staff.
*Application for ENGL 489  is due at noon on November 7.

ENGL 489 The Writing Concentration Senior Project. Staff.
*Application for ENGL 489  is due at noon on November 7.