Creative Writing & Journalism Courses

Fall 2023 Courses for Yale College Students

Creative writing and journalism course application forms will be posted here or on the course’s Canvas site. Please submit completed applications by noon on April 5; applicants will be notified of decisions by 5:00pm on April 15. When registration period begins, admitted students must add the course to their Registration Worksheet and request Instructor Permission on Yale Course Search (YCS) by 5:00 pm on April 21.

Online Application Tip: log into your Microsoft account using your Yale email address and password. Please note that if you are trying to access the form while logged into any email on your browser that is not your Yale one, the page will not load.

Instructors will approve admitted student requests in YCS by 5:00 pm on April 25. Approved students must then return to YCS to Approve Changes and complete enrollment in the course. Admitted students who do not complete enrollment in the course by April 26 may have their places filled from the waiting list.

Where no application is required in advance, students may enroll during registration period by submitting an instructor permission request through YCS. Please check the course sites on Canvas for further information; these can be accessed through YCS by clicking on the Syllabus link in the course window.

Proposals for independent study courses are due at noon on April 3. Students will be notified by 5:00 pm on April 15 whether the proposal has been approved or revisions are required.

For the Creative Writing Concentration (CWC): only courses over 451 which require applications will be counted towards the prerequisite of two Advanced Creative Writing classes.
*counts as introductory or intermediate course toward the CWC
**counts as advanced course toward the CWC


ENGL 412 Literary Production: Poetry. Maggie Millner.
Details coming soon on YCS and Canvas. Request instructor permission through YCS.

ENGL 413 Literary Production: Prose. Samuel Huber.
Details coming soon on YCS and Canvas. Request instructor permission through YCS.

ENGL 449 The Art of Editing. Meghan O’Rourke. CANCELLED


*ENGL 404-01 The Craft of Fiction. Michael Cunningham.
Request instructor permission through YCS.
There will be two introductory sessions on Friday, March 31,—at 12:00 and 3:00—in LC 211 for students interested in enrolling in this section.

*ENGL 404-02 The Craft of Fiction. Adam Sexton.
Request instructor permission through YCS.

*ENGL 407 Fiction Writing. Marie-Helene Bertino.
Application for ENGL 407

**ENGL 465-01 Advanced Fiction Writing. Michael Cunningham.
Application for ENGL 465-01

**ENGL 465-02 Advanced Fiction Writing. Caryl Phillips.
Application for ENGL 465-02


ENGL 246/PLSC 247/AMST 245 The Media and Democracy. Joanne Lipman.
Request instructor permission through YCS.

**ENGL 467/PLSC 253 Journalism. Steven Brill.
Syllabus and Application Instructions for ENGL 467


*EVST 224/ENGL 418 Writing About the Environment. Alan Burdick.
Request instructor permission through YCS.

*ENGL 419/HSAR 460/HUMS 185 Writing about Contemporary Figurative Art. Margaret Spillane.
Request instructor permission through YCS.

**ENGL 469 Advanced Nonfiction Writing. Anne Fadiman.
Download the application form for ENGL 469 here ; then Upload your completed application for ENGL 469 here
Late applications will be accepted until noon on Monday, April 10.

**ENGL 474 The Genre of the Sentence. Verlyn Klinkenborg.
Application for ENGL 474


**ENGL 453 Playwriting. Donald Margulies.
Application for ENGL 453


*ENGL 408 Poetry Writing. Cynthia Zarin.
Application for ENGL 408

*ENGL 447 Shakespeare and the Craft of Writing Poetry. Danielle Chapman.
This hybrid course is an exciting blend of creative and critical writing. Students decide before midterm whether they want to take the course as a Renaissance Literature or Creative Writing Credit, and this determines whether their final project is a creative portfolio or critical paper. 
Request instructor permission through YCS.

**ENGL 499 The Iseman Seminar in Poetry. Louise Glück.
Application for ENGL 499
Late applications will be accepted until noon on Monday, April 10.


*ENGL 425 Writing the Television Drama. Aaron Tracy.
Request instructor permission through YCS.

**ENGL 461 The Art and Craft of Television Drama. Derek Green.
Application for ENGL 461


ENGL 123 Introduction to Creative Writing. Staff.
Enroll or join the automatic waiting list through YCS.

ENGL 421 Styles of Academic and Professional Prose: Writing about Architecture. Christopher Hawthorne.
Request instructor permission through YCS.

**ENGL 484 Writing Across Literary Genres. Cynthia Zarin.
Application for ENGL 484

Independent Study

ENGL 487 Tutorial in Writing. Staff.
Application for ENGL 487  is due at noon on April 3 .

ENGL 489 The Creative Writing Concentration Senior Project. Staff.
Application for ENGL 489  is due at noon on April 3 .