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Name Year Areas of Interest
Adair Anya Adair
2nd Old English; Middle English
Alexander Phoenix Alexander
1st Afrofuturism, 19th and 20th-Century African and African-American Literature, Psychoanalysis, Science Fiction.  
Alles Anusha Alles
2nd Twentieth- and 21st-century African American and South Asian American literature, postcolonial literature of the South Asian diaspora.
Andrews Kimberly Quiogue Andrews
4th Twentieth- and 21st century poetry; vanguardism; institutional theory and theories of capital; semiotic theory; creative writing programs and pedagogy.
Bajda-Pawlikowska Michalina Bajda-Pawlikowska
Nineteenth century poetry and prose (especially Thomas Hardy and the Pre-Raphaelites); Modernism; visual perception and literature; aestheticism; the history of art (19th century); Polish literature  
Baricz Carla Baricz
4th Sixteenth-/17th-century literature; Shakespeare and early modern drama; history of the theater; book history and manuscript studies; humanism and the classical tradition; the Eastern European Renaissance.
Brower Jordan Brower
4th Modernism and modernity; film; photography; James Joyce; J.M. Coetzee
Brown Andrew Brown
1st Early modern literature; theatre history; history of the book; Renaissance medicine and psychology.
Ryan Carr
6th American literature, media studies
Chan Julia Chan
2nd Critical theory; early Modern; literature and politics.
Chema Alexis Chema
4th Romanticism; poetry & poetics
Deli Margaret Deli
3rd 19th Century; transatlantic studies; visual culture
Megan Eckerle
7th Epic and romance; Chaucer; the history of reading; philosophy and literature; memory; medievalism; folklore and mythology; 20th-century poetry (especially Auden, Eliot, and Yeats); the novel (especially Austen, James, Hardy, Tolstoy, Woolf, O'Connor, Dostoyevsky, and the Brontёs)
Emre Merve Emre
Samuel Fallon
5th Renaissance poetry and poetic theory, epic, classical reception and translation
Craig Fehrman
7th American literature and culture; the history of the book; presidential rhetoric
Franz Paul Franz
2nd Romanticism, modernism, poetry and poetics, translation.
Garcia Edgar Garcia
6th The Americas as Web of Signification, Twentieth-Century American, Latin American, and Hemispheric Literatures, Modernist and Postmodernist Poetics and Culture, Environmental Humanities, Ethnic Studies, Indigenous Cultures and Languages, Writing Systems and Alternative Literacies, Media Theory, and the Politics and Poetics of Ethnography
Gorin David Gorin
6th Lyric poetry and poetics, 20th-century literature, literary theory, political philosophy
Graham Elyse Graham
5th Elyse Graham studies the digital humanities, print and information systems, and the history and theory of technology. She received her master's degree from the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has published essays in Modern Philology and other journals, and contributes regularly to The American Scholar.
Gutkin Len Gutkin
6th Aestheticism and decadence; Anglophone modernist novel; the historical avant-garde; post-45 experimental novel
Holden Brad Holden
3rd John Milton, Renaissance literature, Reformation theology, and 17th-century liberalism.
Matthew Hunter
5th The Renaissance and Its reception; Victorian criticism; poetics; lyric; genres of drama; the elegy
Im Seo Hee Im
2nd Twentieth- and 21st-century Anglophone novel; cosmopolitanism, transnationalism, and globalization; philosophy and literature.
James Ashley James
3rd Poetry; visual arts; diaspora
Jamison Leslie Jamison
5th Twentieth-century American literature; literature and poverty; addiction and narrative.
Daniel Jump
5th Romantic poetry; hermeneutics; phenomenology; theology; the struggle between allegory and symbol
Andrew Kau
6th Early modern (particularly seventeenth-century) lyric and epic; Milton; Shakespeare; law and literature; and the history of criticism.
Keller Adam Keller
1st War and trauma literature; poetry and poetics; Victorian literature.
Killian Ann Killian
1st Medieval literature; devotional writing; multilingualism and translation praxis.
King Edward King
3rd Poetics; prosody; Modernism
Koenigs Thomas Koenigs
6th American Literature; African-American; Gender and Sexuality; Historicism; Novel Theory; the Transatlantic Eighteenth Century; Theory, the history of reading.
Kraebel Andrew Kraebel
6th Poetry, biblical exegesis, and literary theory in the Middle Ages; medieval reception of classical literature; Middle English devotional literature; medieval theories of translation; textual editing; palaeography and codicology.
Krewson Stephen Krewson
3rd American culture; conceptualism;  microhistory; natural language processing; programming.
Ledingham Angus Ledingham
3rd 18th and 19th century British Literature, particularly Pope, Johnson, Austen, Wordsworth, Keats, Tennyson, Eliot and Arnold; translation, moral didacticism and the history of tragedy.
Bofang Li
4th New media; literary re-writing; Early Modern; evolution of literary traditions; the history of the book