Shital Pravinchandra

Assistant Professor of English

Address: Byers Hall 407
Phone: 203-432-5636
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PhD. Comparative Literature. Cornell University. August 2009
MA. Comparative Literature. University College London. September 2001 (Distinction)
BA. French and Hindi. University of London. June 2000. (1st class honours)

My research and teaching focus on postcolonial theory and contemporary Anglophone and South Asian literature. I am interested in the historical process through which colonialism helped interrogate, define and reshape our idea of what constitutes “the human” and in the ways in which postcolonial studies continues to wrestle with this issue, particularly in the wake of biomedical and technological developments. My current book project, Same Difference: Literature and the Postcolony in the Age of Biotechnology argues that the scientific discourses and cultural narratives that named and created an other in the process so influentially described by major postcolonial scholars have been undercut by scientific and biomedical discourses that emphasize our fundamental similarity as a biological species.

My work also centers on the limits and silences of postcolonial theory, and my future projects explore two genres which are relatively absent from postcolonial literary studies to date: 1) the short story, and 2) utopia and science-fiction. I teach courses that range from general surveys of European literature to advanced seminars on postcolonial studies and medical ethics in Anglophone literature.


-- "Not Just Prose: The Calcutta Chromosome, the South Asian Short Story and the Limitations of Postcolonial Studies", published online in Interventions, May 2013 (Print forthcoming).

-- "Hospitality for Sale or Dirty Pretty Things" in Cultural Critique 85, fall 2013.

--“Body Markets: The Technologies of Global Capitalism and Manjula Padmanabhan’s Harvest.” In Science Fiction, Imperialism, and the Third World: Essays on Literature and Film, McFarland Press, 2010.

Teaching: Tragedy (ENGL129), Medicine and Ethics in Global Literature (ENGL328), Epic (ENGL130), ENGL115b and Postcolonial Studies (ENGL 343).

Tragedy (ENGL129a), Medicine and Ethics in Global Literature (ENGL328), Epic (ENGL129b), and ENGL115b

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