The Country House

Donald Margulies
Theatre Communications Group
March 2015

“One of the most disciplined and satisfying new American plays to reach Broadway in the past decade. A truly affecting play.” –Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal

“Like Chekhov, Mr. Margulies is a specialist in rueful regrets and misty glimpses of roads not taken.” –Ben Brantley, New York Times

“With a knack for precision in depicting emotional and intellectual ambiguities, Margulies leaves his audiences feeling ripe with wisdom. His untethered finales beg for the audience to cathartically suffer and soar with his intelligently alive characters. Rather than leaving us longing for the past as in Chekhov, or looking to the potential of the future, as in Ibsen, Margulies keeps us longing for connection to the present moment.” –Kate Bergstrom, Santa Barbara Independent

Anna Patterson, the matriarch of a brood of famous and longing-to-be-famous creative artists, has gathered her family at their Berkshires summerhouse during the Williamstown Theatre Festival on the anniversary of her beloved daughter’s death. But as restless egos and simmering jealousies derail the weekend, this family of performers must come to terms with the roles they play in each other’s lives.

–Source: Amazon