Amity Gaige
October 2013

Eric Schroder, our handsome, optimistic, but deluded and flawed narrator, has taken his six-year-old daughter, Meadow, on a summer road trip.  They sing songs, they swim, they eat ice-cream, and they don’t come back.  The road trip becomes and accidental kidnap, and Eric winds up in a correctional facility, writing to his estranged wife, attempting to explain his actions and his bizarre behavior during the course of their marriage.  This is a novel about the profound, agonized love a parent feels – and what happens when that love is threatened.

*New York Times Notable Book
*Shortlisted for The Folio Prize (UK)
*Publisher’s Weekly 25 Best Books of 2013
*Washington Post Notable Fiction of 2013
*Cosmopolitan 22 Best Books of the Year
*Amazon, 100 Best Books of 2013