Traugott Lawler

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Professor Emeritus of English
63 High St, New Haven, CT 06511-6642
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A.B. Holy Cross 1958
M.A. Wisconsin 1962
Ph.D. Harvard 1966

INTERESTS: Middle English especially Chaucer and Langland, Medieval Latin. I am currently working on my share (Volume 4) of the Penn Commentary of Piers Plowman, and on the second volume of “Jankyn’s Book of Wikked Wyves


The One and the Many in the Canterbury Tales. Hamden, Conn.: Archon Books, 1980. (with Ralph Hanna, completing work begun by Karl Young and Robert A. Pratt) Jankyn’s Book of Wikked Wyves. vol. 1, Texts. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press, 1997.

–“The Pardon Formula in Piers Plowman: Its Ubiquity, Its Binary Shape, Its Silent Middle Term,” Yearbook of Langland Studies 14 (2000), 117-52.

–“The Secular Clergy in Piers Plowman,” Yearbook of Langland Studies 16 (2002), 85-117.

–“Delicacy vs. Truth: Defining moral heroism in the Canterbury Tales,” in New Readings of Chaucer’s Poetry, ed. Robert G. Benson and Susan J. Ridyard ( Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 2003), 75-90.

UNDERGRADUATE COURSES: Major English Poets, European Literary Tradition, Chaucer, History of the English Language, Old English, The Gawain Poet, Austen and Dickens

GRADUATE COURSES: Old English, Chaucer, Langland, Medieval Latin