Naomi Levine

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Assistant Professor
Linsly-Chittenden Hall, 63 High Street, New Haven, CT

Ph.D., Rutgers University, 2015

My current book project, Rhyme and History in Victorian Poetics, traces the influence of ideas from European aesthetics and literary historiography (particularly about the origins of rhyme) on Victorian poems. I’m interested in continuities between historical and formal conceptions of poetry in the nineteenth century, and what they can tell us about the meanings and feelings Victorians attached to forms like rhyme. Many of our recurring questions about the workings of poetic form were understood in the nineteenth century to be questions about literary history, periodization, and cultural transmission. In recovering the submerged affiliations between prosody and historiography, my research argues for a nineteenth-century formalism that opens onto the world.

I have published on Victorian poetry and poetics in Victorian Studies, Victoriographies, Victorian Poetry, and Modern Language Quarterly (MLQ). Before coming to Yale, I spent a year at the Harvard Society of Fellows, where I am a Junior Fellow. This fall, I’m teaching a junior seminar on love in Victorian literature and a freshman seminar on elegy.


Victorian literature, poetry and poetics, the history of literary criticism, aesthetics, cinema.


- “Tirra-Lirrical Ballads: Source Hunting with the Lady of Shalott, Victorian Poetry 54.4 (2017)

- “Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Historiographical Poetics,” MLQ 77.1 (2016)

- “Victorian Pearl: Tennysonian Elegy and the Return of a Medieval Poem,” Victoriographies 6.3 (2016)

- “Trebled Beauty: William Morris’s Terza Rima,” Victorian Studies 53.3 (2011)


ENGL 022: The Art of Losing; ENGL 267: Love and Desire in the Nineteenth Century