Senior Seminars

NUM SEC Title Day / time Term Instructor
405 Autobiography in America M 1.30pm-3.20pm Spring Robert Stepto
412 Victorian Poetry MW 11.35pm-12.50pm Spring Leslie Brisman
415 Milton's Paradise Lost W 1.30pm-3.20pm Spring David Kastan
421 Austen and Bronte and Twentieth-Century Women's Novels T 1.30pm-3.20pm Spring Katie Trumpener
426 Modernism, Empire, World Crisis W 2.30pm-4.20pm Spring Joseph Cleary
438 Performing American Literature W 1.30pm-3.20pm Spring Wai Chee Dimock
443 African American Poets of the Modern Era W 1.30pm-3.20pm Spring Robert Stepto
444 Contemporary Historical Novels M 1.30pm-3.20pm Spring James Berger
449 Contemporary African Fiction T 9.25am-11.15am Spring Stephanie Newell
Seminar, Advanced Workshop
NUM SEC Title Day / time Term Instructor
476 Contemporary Poetry and Poetics Th 1:30pm-3:20pm Spring Richard Deming
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