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Name Year Areas of Interest
Daniel de la Rocha
2nd Year

History of the novel; 18th-century European literature; romanticism; relationship between the arts and sciences.

David M. deLeon
3rd Year

Twentieth-century American poetry; contemporary poetry; lyric theory; performance studies; rhetoric; drama; the modern long poem; popular music and culture; afrofuturism

Margaret Deli
7th Year

Nineteenth-/20th-century; transatlantic studies; visual culture

Clio Doyle
4th Year

Medieval and early modern; classical reception; pastoral; epyllion; history of art; still life and landscape; history of science; literature and popular science; illustrations, illuminations, diagrams; animals and nature; literature and ethics; sound, voice, and speech prefixes in poetry; idleness, waste, labor; Roman Catholicism and English literature; the history of Oxford and Cambridge; the printing of classical literature; commentaries and marginal notes; academic networks in Renaissance Europe; Homer; Theocritus; Plato; Virgil; Rabelais; Langland; Chaucer; Tasso; Spenser; Shakespeare; Dryden

Seamus Dwyer
1st Year

Middle English poetry and prose; especially lyric; medieval politics in literature; multilingualism; manuscript studies; book history