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Name Year Areas of Interest
Andrew Lanham
4th Year

Twentieth-/21st-century novel; American literature; philosophy and literary theory

Elizabeth Lazzari
2nd Year

War and trauma literature; poetry and poetics; gender and sexuality

Angus Ledingham
6th Year

Eighteenth/-19th-century British literature; particularly Pope, Johnson, Austen, Wordsworth, Keats, Tennyson, Eliot and Arnold; translation, moral didacticism and the history of tragedy.

Jeong Yeon Lee
1st Year

Nineteenth-century African American literature; early American literature; violence; protest literature

Brittany Levingston
4th Year

African American literature and religion

Scarlet Luk
5th Year

Eighteenth-/19th-century British novel; gender and sexuality; narrative; queer studies; fiction of the Antipodes.

Shu-Han Luo
5th Year

Old and Middle English literature; prosody and poetics; manuscript studies; textual criticism; history of the English language.