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Name Year Areas of Interest
Peter Raccuglia
5th Year

American literature and music; sound studies; transatlantic studies; media history and theory; history of criticism.

Matthew Rager
6th Year

Contemporary fiction; media studies; history of the book

Palmer Rampell
7th Year

American literature; transpacific studies; poetry

Stephanie Ranks
4th Year

Early modern literature and history; English Renaissance; Milton; history of the book; intersections of oral and literary tradition. 

Alexandra Reider
5th Year

Old and Middle English; cultural and linguistic contact in Britain (medieval and modern)

Sophia Richardson
2nd Year

Early Modern; history of science; gender and sexuality; comparative literature.

Sarah Robbins
6th Year

Nineteenth-century American.

Charles Rousseau
3rd Year

Eighteenth-/19th-century American literature; religion and theology; critical theory; lacanian psychoanalysis; poetry and poetics; disability studies; Scottish literature