Previous Work

Spring 2021 Schedule

2/24/21: Engaging Racial Justice in Our Classrooms

Abolitionist Pedagogies: guest speakers Zelda Roland and James Jeter, Yale Prison Education Initiative; Daniel Karpowicz, College in Prison: Reading in an Age of Mass Incarceration (selections)

3/17/21: Engaging Racial Justice in Our Classrooms

Disability, Race, and Pedagogy: Theri Alice Pickens, Blue Blackness, Black Blueness: Making Sense of Blackness and Disability; Jan Doolittle Wilson, Reimagining Disability and Inclusive Education through Universal Design for Learning; Mel Y. Chen, Brain Fog: The Race for Cripistemology

4/8/21: Engaging Racial Justice in Our Classrooms

Race, Pedagogy, and Disciplinarity: Crenshaw, Lipsitz, Hosang, Harris (eds.), Seeing Race Again: Countering Colorblindness Across the Disciplines (selected essays); Blake, Ioanide, Reed (eds.), Anti-Racism, Inc.: Why the Way We Talk About Racial Justice Matters (selected essays)

4/29/21: Engaging Racial Justice in Our Classrooms

Conclusions, Provocations, Continuities: readings TBD

Fall 2020 Schedule

9/16/20: Engaging Racial Justice in Our Classrooms

Planning Meeting

10/1/20: Initiative on Literature and Racial Justice

Francis Conversations with Writers: A public conversation with Albert Woodfox, the author of Solitary

10/8/20: Engaging Racial Justice in Our Classrooms

Racial Justice in the Classroom: Harbin, Thurber, and Bandy, “Teaching Race, Racism, and Racial Justice”; Lauren Michele Jackson, “What is an Anti-racist Reading List For?”; Melissa Phruksachart, “The Literature of White Liberalism”; Responses to Albert Woodfox lecture

10/22/20: Engaging Racial Justice in Our Classrooms

Race, Inequality, and the University: Daniel HoSang and Joseph Lowndes, “Theorizing Race in the Age of Inequality”; Laura Smith and Susan Kashubeck-West, Gregory Payton, Eve Adams. 2017. “White Professors Teaching About Racism: Challenges and Rewards” The Counseling Psychologist 45(5): 651-668.; Sue, D. W., Lin, A. I., Torino, G. C., Capodilupo, C. M., & Rivera, D. P. (2009). Racial microaggressions and difficult dialogues on race in the classroom. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 15(2), 183–190.

11/19/20: Engaging Racial Justice in Our Classrooms

Black Feminist Pedagogies: Alexis Pauline Gumbs, “Nobody Mean More: Black Feminist Pedagogy and Solidarity”; Jacqui Alexander, Pedagogies of Crossing (selections); Leibowitz, B., Bozalek, V., Rohleder, P., Carolissen, R., & Swartz, L. (2010). ” ‘Ah, but the Whiteys Love to Talk about themselves’: Discomfort as a Pedagogy for Change.” Race Ethnicity and Education, 13(1), 83-100.

12/3/20: Engaging Racial Justice in Our Classrooms

Poetics, Pedagogy, and Race: Claudia Rankine, Just Us; other readings TBD