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Yale University
Department of English
P.O. Box 208302
New Haven, CT 06520-8302

Main Office:

Linsly-Chittenden Hall 107
63 High Street
Phone: 203-432-2233
Fax: 203-432-7066

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Chair: Jessica Brantley

Operations Manager: Doreen Neelans

Chair’s Assistant/Senior Administrative Assistant: Sarah Harford

Senior Administrative Assistant: Jamie Morris

Senior Administrative Assistant: Cristyn Filla

Undergraduate and Graduate Studies: 203-432-2224

Director of Graduate Studies: Jonathan Kramnick

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Stefanie Markovits

Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies: Naomi Levine

Director of Creative Writing: Richard Deming

Registrar: Erica Sayers

Senior Administrative Assistant, Academic SupportJane Bordiere