Prizes for Poetry

All registered students, graduate and undergraduate, may compete for the Academy of American Poets Prize, the Albert Stanburrough Cook Prize, and the Gordon Barber Memorial Prize.

Poems submitted must be unpublished or they may have been published in a university magazine.  Poems written in imitation of the style of canonical poets will be considered. A student who has won a prize for poetry may not, in a later year, submit the same poems for our poetry competition. A student who has previously competed but who has not won a prize should limit resubmission to one of the poems from the earlier packet; the rest should be new.

Submission Deadline

Thursday, April 20, 2023 at NOON.

Length and Number of Submissions

Upload a single pdf document containing four to six pages of poetry; poems may be of any length and number. (Recommended: 12 pt font, double-spaced.) One submission is allowed per genre unless you have received a faculty nomination.

Pseudonym and Title Page

Your name must not appear on the entry. Instead, choose a unique pseudonym containing more than one word to avoid possible duplication, and put the letters ps (for “pseudonym”) in parentheses after it. A new pseudonym should be chosen from year to year.

On the title page of your entry, provide your pseudonym (followed by ps), Yale class or graduate status, title of the piece, and the course for which it was written, if it was written for a course. In the upper-left corner of the title page, write the appropriate category (A through H, as below), not the names of prizes. Please take responsibility yourself for entering your work in the appropriate category. For example:

Eli Whitney (ps)
BK ’11
“A Reading of To the Lighthouse”
English 411

Submitting Your Entry

There are two steps to complete your submission: Use the appropriate links below to 1) complete the online prize submittal form and 2) upload your submission via email attachment.

(A-1) Poetry by First Year Undergraduate Students:
A-1 Application Form
A-1 Upload Submission

(A-2) Poetry by Students Beyond the First Year:
A-2 Application Form
A-2 Upload Submission
Note: for Category A-2 submissions only, please do not provide your status or college year on the title page.