Graduate Student Placement

The English Department at Yale University has an unmatched record in placing graduate students in tenure-track jobs and research post-docs. The
department has a well-funded and extensive set of colloquia and workshops designed to professionalize students in relation to their field(s). These include occasions for students to meet leading scholars and editors, as well as training in how to prepare articles for publication and papers for conference presentation. The faculty placement advisor works closely with every student applying for jobs on composing materials and getting ready for interviews and job talks.

Recent History


Brandeis University (Lecturer)
Brandeis University (tenure-track)
Singapore University (Lecturer)
Smith College (Lecturer)
University of Berkeley (tenure-track)
University of Buffalo (tenure-track)
University of Florida (postdoc)
University of Notre Dame (tenure-track)
University of Oregon (tenure-track)
University of Tulsa (postdoc)
Washington University (tenure-track)


Campaign Zero (Tech and Design Fellow)
Tufts University (tenure-track)
University of Notre Dame (postdoc)
University of Pennsylvania (postdoc)
Yale University (Senior Editor of The Yale Review)


Cornell University (postdoc and tenure-track)
Hampden-Sydney College (VAP)
Lingnan University (visiting scholar)
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (tenure-track)
University of Iowa (curatorial)
Yale University (postdoc)


Dalhousie University (tenure-track)
Guggenheim Museum (curatorial)
Queen’s University, Ontario (administrative)
San Jose State University (VAP)
Scotch College, Melbourne (college preparatory)
Vanderbilt University (tenure-track)
Yale University (postdoc)
Yale University Library
Yale University Office of General Counsel


Hanyang University, Seoul (tenure-track)
Ohio Dominican University (VAP)
University of Kentucky (tenure-track)
University of Liverpool Library
University of Toronto (postdoc)
Urtext Ltd. (editor)
Yale University (VAP)


Brooklyn Museum (curator)
Chronicle of Higher Education (editor)
Harvard Law School
Harvard University (postdoc)
Hebrew University of Jerusalem (postdoc)
SUNY Geneseo (tenure-track)
SUNY New Paltz (VAP)


Brandeis University Writing Program (VAP)
Greens Farms Academy (college preparatory)
Oxford University (lecturer, permanent)
Princeton Society of Fellows (postdoc)
Ranney School (college preparatory)
University of Chicago (postdoc)
University of Hong Kong School of English (tenure-track)
University of Virginia (tenure-track)


Bard College (3-year VAP)
Endicott College (VAP)
Queen’s College, CUNY (VAP)
Riverside International School, Prague, Czech Republic (college preparatory)
Saint Joseph’s University (VAP)
Scripps College (tenure-track)
Stanford University (tenure-track)
Trinity School (college preparatory)
University of California-Berkeley (tenure-track)
University of Houston (tenure-track)
University of Oregon (Librarian)
Windham-Campbell Literature Prizes (Program Coordinator)


American Academy of Arts & Sciences, Cambridge (postdoc)
Columbia University (tenure-track)
Greens Farms Academy (college preparatory)
Johns Hopkins University (postdoc)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (VAP)
McGill University (tenure-track)
Trinity University, San Antonio (tenure-track)
University of Chicago (tenure-track)
University of Chicago (2-year postdoc)
University of Southern California (renewable lectureship)
West Point (2-year VAP)


Boston College (tenure-track)
Circle College (VAP)
Harvard Society of Fellows (postdoc)
Kenyon College (2-year VAP)
Scripps College (tenure-track)
Stony Brook University (tenure-track)
SUNY New Paltz (VAP)
Trinity University, San Antonio (tenure-track)
Universiteit Leiden (VAP)


Connecticut College (tenure-track)
Marquette University (tenure-track)
NYU Gallatin (tenure-track)
Rutgers University (tenure-track)
Sarah Lawrence College (tenure-track)
Sewanee University (tenure-track)
SUNY Purchase (tenure-track)
UC Santa Barbara (tenure-track)
University of Bergen, Norway (tenure-track)
University of Colorado at Boulder (tenure-track)


American University of Beirut (tenure-track)
Amherst College (tenure-track)
Emory University (tenure-track)
Endicott College (tenure-track)
Harvard Society of Fellows (postdoc)
Ohio State University (tenure-track)
Rutgers University (2-year postdoc)
Ryerson University, Toronto (tenure-track)
University of Alabama (tenure-track)
University of California, Davis (tenure-track)
University of Michigan (tenure-track)
University of Montana (tenure-track)
Villanova University (tenure-track)


Amherst College (VAP)
Brandeis University (VAP)
City College of New York (tenure-track)
National Taiwan University (tenure-track)
NYU Gallatin (VAP)
Ohio State University (tenure-track)
Ohio State University (VAP)
Providence College (VAP)
Rutgers University (tenure-track)
University of Chicago (tenure-track)
University of Exeter, UK (VAP)
Wesleyan University (VAP)