Yale Initiatives

First-Year Scholars at Yale
First-Year Scholars at Yale (FSY) provides a cohort of incoming first-year students with the opportunity to engage early on in the Yale experience for six weeks in the summer. They will start their first semester having been exposed to Yale’s resources and with a team of advisors and friends in place to help them along the way. First-Year Scholars will also have the opportunity to connect with the larger First-Generation, Low-Income community in the fall and throughout their time at Yale through various social supports, academic mentorship, and financial guidance. 

Belonging at Yale
Belonging at Yale supports our community’s ongoing and long-term efforts to increase diversity, ensure equity, and enhance a sense of inclusion and belonging for everyone. In order to thrive, we must all communicate and collaborate in good faith, engage in critical reflection, hold ourselves and others accountable for our actions, and address any conflict that may arise. As it looks to the future, Belonging at Yale also draws on the work of generations of students, faculty, alumni, and staff who have striven and sacrificed to dismantle systemic deficiencies and let in greater light and truth.

Warrior-Scholars Project
As a dynamic national non-profit, the Warrior-Scholars Project empowers enlisted military veterans by providing them with a skill bridge that enables a successful transition from the battlefield to the classroom, maximizes their education opportunities by making them informed consumers of education, and increases the confidence they will need to successfully complete a rigorous four-year undergraduate program at a top-tier school.

Yale Prison Education Initiative
The Yale Prison Education Initiative at Dwight Hall at Yale seeks to expand upon existing Yale participation in prison education by bringing access to rigorous, for-credit Yale College courses to incarcerated students in Connecticut prisons.

Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute 
The Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute® is an educational partnership between Yale University and the New Haven Public Schools designed to strengthen teaching and learning in local schools and, by example and direct assistance, in high-need schools across the country. Through the Institute, Yale faculty members and New Haven school teachers work together in a collegial relationship. The Institute is also an interschool and interdisciplinary forum for teachers to collaborate on new curricula.