In Fall 2020, all students who wish to take introductory-level English courses (ENGL 114-130), first-year seminarsjunior seminars, senior seminars, and some creative writing workshops must preregister for placement during the online preregistration periods listed below.

For Fall 2020 lectures, no preregistration is required:
ENGL 154 The Multicultural Middle Ages
ENGL 183 Poetry since 1950
ENGL 187 Love and Hate in the American South
ENGL 189 Literature and Social Justice

First-year seminars:  Preregistration will take place August 3 at 9.00 AM EST through August 5 at 5.00 PM EST; decisions will be available on Friday, August 7 at 12.00 PM EST.

A list of the seminars to be offered in fall 2020 are available in Yale Course Search. Click “First Year Seminar ” under Yale College Attributes for a list of all first-year seminars.

Apply to a First-Year Seminar

All other English courses:  Preregistration will take place Friday, August 7 at 12.00 PM EST  through Wednesday, August 12 at 5.00 PM EST; decisions will be available on Monday, August 17 at 4.00 PM EST.

Departmental representatives will be present via Zoom on Monday, August  10, 2.00-3.30 PM EST to answer questions about selection of introductory English courses.

Sign in to join the English Introductory Course Information session on August 10, 2.00-3.30 PM EST.

For questions about advanced courses, please contact the instructor or sign up for office hours with the DUS or ADUS.

During the preregistration period, Yale College students may select their preferences by following the links posted below. Please preregister only for the course or two that you most want to take, so that everyone will have a chance to be placed.

Selections may be revised up until 5.00 PM EST on August 12. After the deadline, the application process will close, and places to introductory courses will be assigned on the basis of a computerized lottery designed to maximize student preferences.

For advanced seminars, if a course is oversubscribed, students will be admitted according to the preferences of the instructor. In most cases, such preference is guided by year and major. Please see course sites on Canvas for details.

Class assignments will be pushed to student schedules by 4:00 PM EST on Monday, August 17. If you are not assigned to a class due to oversubscription but hope to be able to add it, please contact the instructor and ask if there is a waiting list. If you are unexpectedly unable to take a class you have been assigned, please notify the instructor immediately.

For questions about the preregistration process, please email Erica Sayers at

Introductory Courses

Students are permitted to enroll in one course from each category below. Follow the links to the preference selection site for each course. After entering your Yale NetID and Password, you will be able to view a list of available sections of the courses and rank your preferences.

Introductory Course Descriptions

Introductory Writing Courses

ENGL 114 Writing Seminars
ENGL 115 Literature Seminars
ENGL 120 Reading and Writing the Modern Essay.

Introductory Creative Writing Course

ENGL 123 Introduction to Creative Writing.

Foundational Courses/
Introductory Literature Courses

ENGL 125 Readings in English Literature I
ENGL 126 Readings in English Literature II
ENGL 127 Readings in American Literature
ENGL 128 Readings in Comparative World English Literature
ENGL 129 Tragedy in the European Literary Tradition

Junior Seminars

ENGL 150/LING 150 Old English I. Emily Thornbury.  M 1.30pm-3.20pm
Preregistration via Canvas.
YC English: Medieval

ENGL 217/HUMS 179 Shakespeare’s Political Plays. David Bromwich. MW 4.00pm-5.15pm
YC English: Renaissance

ENGL 220 Growing Up in the Victorian Novel. Stefanie Markovits. TTh 1.00pm-2.15pm
YC English: 18th/19th Century

ENGL 230 Paleography and Empire, 1500-1800. Kathryn James. MW 9.00am-10.15am
YC English: Renaissance

ENGL 236/AMST 230 Dystopic and Utopian Fictions. James Berger. T 9.25am-11.15am.

ENGL 237/EVST 237/HUMS 234/LITR 323 Animals in Literature and Theory. Jonathan Kramnick. TTh 11.35am-12.50pm
YC English: 18th/19th Century or 20th/21st Century with permission

ENGL 245/HUMS 347 Land, Liberty, and Slavery from Hobbes to Defoe. Feisal Mohamed. T 9.25am-11.15am
YC English: Renaissance

ENGL 250 Romantic Poetry. Leslie Brisman. MW 11.35am-12.50pm
YC English: 18th/19th Century

ENGL 265/AFAM 228/AMST 385/HUMS 241 James Baldwin’s American Scene. Jacqueline Goldsby. MW 6.00pm-7.15pm
Preregistration via Canvas.
YC English: 20th/21st Century

ENGL 280/AMST 390/HUMS 319 Poetry, Film, Music and Art: John Ashbery’s Work. Karin Roffman. Th 1.30pm-3.20pm
Preregistration via Canvas.
YC English: 20th/21st Century

ENGL 285/AMST 321/FILM 334/RLST 333 Mormonism. Kathryn Lofton and John Durham Peters. M 1.30pm-3.20pm
YC English: 18th/19th Century or 20th/21st Century with permission

ENGL 346/HUMS 253/RLST 233 Poetry and Faith. Christian Wiman. Th 1.30pm-3.20pm
YC English: 20th/21st Century

ENGL 356 The Young Adult Dystopian Novel. Jill Richards. TTh 1.00pm-2.15pm
YC English:  20th/21st Century

ENGL 361/THST 329 Theater Now. Marc Robinson. T 1.30pm-3.20pm
Preregistration via Canvas.
YC English: 20th/21st Century

ENGL 395/HUMS 380/LITR 154 The Bible as a Literature. Leslie Brisman. MW 2.30pm-3.45pm

Senior Seminars

ENGL 305 Shakespeare and Religion. David Kastan and Ben Card. TTh 11.35am-12.50pm + 1HTBA
YC English: Renaissance

ENGL 321 Austen and Brontë and the New Woman Novel. Katie Trumpener. T 1.30pm-3.20pm
YC English: 18th/19th Century

ENGL 330 Henry James. Ruth Yeazell. M 3.30pm-5.20pm
YC English:  18th/19th Century

ENGL 377 Contemporary British Fiction. Caryl Phillips. M 9.25am-11.15am
YC English:  20th/21st Century

ENGL 378 Challenges to Realism in Contemporary African Fiction. Stephanie Newell. Th 9.25am-11.15am
YC English: 20th/21st Century

ENGL 379 The Postcolonial Epic: Ulysses and Omeros. Joseph N. Cleary. Th 3.30pm-5.20pm
YC English: 20th/21st Century

ENGL 440/AMST 414 Poetry and Debates on the Value of Arts and Humanities. James Berger. Th 1.30pm-3.20pm

Creative Writing Workshops

ENGL 404 Reading Fiction for Craft. Adam Sexton. MW 2.30pm-3.45pm

ENGL 406 Reading Poetry for Craft. David Gorin. MW 4.00pm-5.15pm

ENGL 419/HSAR 490/HUMS 185 Writing about Contemporary Figurative Art. Margaret Spillane. TTh 11.35am-12.50pm

ENGL 425 Writing the Television Drama. Aaron Tracy. M 3.30pm-5.20pm

Other creative writing and journalism courses may require an application in advance. Please see our Creative Writing & Journalism Courses page for details.

Questions may be directed to Erica Sayers, Jane Bordiere, Stefanie Markovits (DUS), or Joseph North (Associate DUS) via email or Zoom appointment.