CW Concentration Project Topics 2011 - Present


Brown, Amelia. “GRACIE,” advised by Derek Green

Carney, Sasha. “AVRIL LAVIGNE AND OTHER GHOSTS,” advised by Caleb Smith

Chen, Python. “Never-blooming,” advised by Ryan Wepler

Feder, Adin. “RATE OF EXCHANGE,” advised by Cynthia Zarin

Garfinkle, Madison. “Custody,” advised by Deborah Margolin

Garza Garcia, Eugenio. “How to Inherit,” advised by Richard Deming

Goddu, Beasie. “Sightlines,” advised by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Goehrig, Vaughn. “The Life and Times of Aesop,” advised by Cynthia Zarin

Handler, Rachel. “Snow Shoveling: Essays on New England,” advised by Cynthia Zarin

Hao, Tony. “Leaving Shiqu,” advised by R. Clifton Spargo

Huang, Queenie. “Wasting Your Time in the Most Complicated Way,” advised by Amity Gaige

Hueston, Kinsale. “ILLUMINATIONS,” advised by Emily Skillings

Keita, Kadiatou. “LITTLE INDIGO BRIDE,” advised by Adam Sexton

Keller, Lachlan. “Memory-Up,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Klutse, Logan. “The Soundtrack of a Marriage,” advised by Anne Fadiman

Lewis, Elliot. “Take This, and Build Something,” advised by Donald Margulies

Lin, Serena. “LONG WAY HOME,” advised by Sarah Stillman

Magloire, Aaron. “Bird Poems,” advised by Emily Skillings

O’Rourke, Kara. “COMPANIONSHIP,” advised by Deborah Margolin

Price, Zaporah. “Miseducation,” advised by Caryl Phillips

Rosinplotz, Noa. “Houseguests,” advised by Amity Gaige

Sanford, Marie. “With the Sun for a Shawl,” advised by Margaret Spillane

Zakaria, Omar. “,” advised by Donald Margulies


Andrews, Hailey. “Vanishing Point,” advised by Emily Skillings

Calcott, Rachel. “Fault Lines,” advised by Cynthia Zarin

Colangelo, Gabrielle. “Levitating Women,” advised by Louise Glück

Elliot, Shayna. “Category from Contradiction,” advised by Brill, Steven

Emerson, Charlotte. “The Tankini Woman – A Collection of Stories,” advised by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Foote, Charlotte. “GHOST FRUIT,” advised by Margolin, Deb

Force, Sarah. “Am I The Problem?,” advised by Ryan Wepler

Glesby, Laura. “A Place of Their Own: The pandemic left Charity Kemp on the verge of eviction—while her landlord, one of the largest in New Haven, pursued even more financial growth,” advised by Sarah Stillman

James, Caroleine. “The Punisher,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Kleiner, Matthew. “Breaking Away,” advised by Michael Warner

Lee, Kiki. “The Dinner Party,” advised by Susan Choi

Lopez, Oscar. “And I Live in You: Stories,” advised by Susan Choi

Mazer, Kyle. “Keep The Change,” advised by Donald Margulies

Menjivar, Brittany. “Two Essays on Radical Ideologies,” advised by James Surowiecki

Mennerick, Eli. “203 Rosette,” advised by Adam Sexton

Moody, Sharla. “Stories from Rain County,” advised by R. Clifton Spargo

Nighswander, George. “One Night Only, Party Machine, and The First Death of Bartholomew Holland,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Nuechterlein, Zoe. “The Way Back,” advised by Caryl Phillips

Overton, Anise. “The Unquestioning,” advised by Deb Margolin

Pavilonis, Valerie. “Unspoken,” advised by Verlyn Klinkenborg


Benson, Ryan. “Fawn Song,” advised by Amity Gaige

Blaney, Madelyn. “Can I See You Again and other stories,” advised by Adam Sexton

Brodey, Emma. “Jane Austen, My Mother, and Me: A Love Triangle in Four Chapters. Or, Emma,” advised by Anne Fadiman

Burleson, Lydia. “MY MOTHER’S DAUGHTER,” advised by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Damodaran, Kiran. “Man of Lotus // God of Shame,” advised by Claudia Rankine

Drubner, Olivia. “Don’t Write That Down,” advised by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Lee, Abby. “Taste and See,” advised by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Silbaugh, Lucy. “The Counterargument,” advised by Louise Glück

Swerdlow, Eliana. “Daylight Savings,” advised by Louise Glück

Thomas, Amanda. “The Short Life and Death of Apollo the Dog,” advised by Susan Choi

Turner, Rianna. “The Not-So-Story of Feeding My Body,” advised by Adam Sexton

Vazquez, Irene. “The Atlantic Now,” advised by Claudia Rankine

Ward, Skye. “The Southern Gentlemen,” advised by Richard Deming

Yadin, Daniel. “Sea of Wheat,” advised by Anne Fadiman

Zhoa, Sophia. “Homecoming,” advised by Cynthia Zarin


Baize, Joshua. “Plaza,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Belliveau, Olivia. “Ordinary Green,” advised Claudia Rankine

Blackwood, Nicole. “Out,” advised by Caryl Phillips

Caplan, Walker. “FULL-TIME,” advised by Deborah Margolin

Chinn, Nurit. “DOROT,” advised by Deborah Margolin

Cohen, Daniella. “Mapping the Broken,” advised by Richard Deming

Connors, Elliot. “Saint-Léon: A History of My Suicidal Family in Rural Québec,” advised by Mark Oppenheimer

Gadre, Sonia. “Window Kill and Other Stories,” advised by Richard Deming

Kreutter, Mariah. “Bad Nights,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Lee, Charles. “Extra Time,” advised by Susan Choi

Lopez-Aguirre, Oscar. “The Undrowning: Between Mexico, Catholicism, and Grief,” advised by Mark Oppenheimer

Mannino, Carrie. “It Couldn’t Happen Here: Squirrel Hill in the Aftermath,” advised by Donald Margulies

Martin, TC. “The Body Thus Confesses,” advised by Anne Fadiman

Moore-Eissenberg, Lily. “The Bridge: A nun’s mission to live the Bible on the border,” advised by Anne Fadiman

Mysore, Meghana. “Pictionary: Stories,” advised by Susan Choi

Newman, Jared. “The Wisconsin Glacier and other poems,” advised by Louise Glück

O’Connor, Clementine. “Stories about Death,” advised by R. Clifton Spargo

Parish, Spencer. “The Game of Hours,” advised by Donald Margulies

Sinke, Kiddest. “The Screens Between Us,” advised by Adam Sexton

Tinone, Marina. “Like a Mermaid out of Air: Essays,” advised by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Williams-Ortega, Stephen. “An Excerpt from Under Heaven,” advised by Derek Green

Xie, Karina. “Leaving,” advised by Margaret Spillane


Brown, Nathan. “Elevations,” advised by Cynthia Zarin

Calnek-Sugin, Rachel. “PROUD BOYS’ GIRLS,” advised by Deborah Margolin

Chanen, Emma. “The Red Herring,” advised by Derek Green

Enkhtamir, Agnes. “Cycle,” advised by Donald Margulies

Kaufman, Rachel. “MANY TO REMEMBER,” advised by Peter Cole

Lindemann, Frances. “The Sea You Hear In Me: Three Stories,” advised Caryl Phillips

McCartney, Sara. “The Scream You Hear May Be Your Own: Part One of a Novel in Progress,” advised by Susan Choi

Orbey, Aaron. “Aftershocks: Fathers, Sons, and the Second Past Tense,” advised by Anne Fadiman

O’Toole, Frani. “Experiments in Video,” advised by Susan Choi

Palter-Poston, Tessa. “Nose Job,” advised by Anne Fadiman

Payne, Alexis. “SKY (BurnBabyBurn: An American Dream),” advised by Donald Margulies

Pineda, Arturo. “Pueblo Chico, Infierno Grande: A Collection of Essays,” advised by Derek Green

Primak, Allison. “INVERTED EMOTIONS: THREE ESSAYS,” advised by Adam Sexton

Rosenbluth, John. “Sugar Land,” advised by Deborah Margolin

Stern, Jacob. “The Fire Next Time,” advised by Sarah Stillman

Sudderth, Anna. “Saturday,” advised by Louise Glück

Tang, Oriana. “Qingdao,” advised by Louise Glück

Xiao, Jingjing. “Dragon Heirs,” advised by Michael Cunningham


Auguste, Nelson. “ADVERTISEMENTS,” advised by John Crowley

Brown, Griffin. “To Keep Still,” advised by Louise Glück

Carroll, Claire. “All of Them Witches,” advised by Richard Deming

Cusano, Tom. “A FISH DOESN’T SURF,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Hall, Chasan. “As I Descended,” advised by John Crowley

Heard, Sarah. “A Different Skin,” advised by Caryl Phillips

Hwang, Aaron. “When the Stars Were Right,” advised by Susan Choi

Kalsi, Saatchi. “The Siren, The Bone, The Horse,” advised by Derek Green

Kim, Noah. “Summer Ends,” advised by Donald Margulies

Kirwan-Taylor, Ivan. “THIS TRUSTY SERVANT,” advised by Cynthia Zarin

Lainoff, Lillie. “BIODIVERSITY and other stories,” advised by John Crowley

Mingo, Micah. “Patchwork,” advised by Susan Choi

Mosqueda, Andrea. “Fall Risk,” advised by Adam Sexton

Olshansky, Clara. “Neighborhood Clear,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Pritchard, Meg. “Not Yet Grown,” advised by Caryl Phillips

Sweet, Jacob. “Running with Eric,” advised by Anne Fadiman

Wachs, Erica. “Chosen,” advised by Donald Margulies


Bailey, Alex. “Amerikkka The Beautiful,” advised by Donald Margulies

Blau, Jessica. “Mothers and Other Essays,” advised by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Connelly, Irene. “Nothing to You and Other Stories,” advised by Caryl Phillips

Dillon, Sophie. “Once I Was A Princess,” advised by Anne Fadiman

Giovannini, Isabella. “PRO,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Haigney, Sophie. “The Stone House,” advised by Cynthia Zarin

Inman, Skyler. “Women Who Ride,” advised by Mark Oppenheimer

Katsev, Libbie. “Small Offerings,” advised by Caryl Phillips

Kolding, Hayley. “Pit Conference POEMS,” advised by Louise Glück

Kravatz, Jillian. “From Room To Room,” advised by Richard Deming

Li, Laurence. “The Nixon Scenes,” advised by Louise Glück

Liu, Yi-Ling. “Shelters,” advised by Richard Deming

Mahler, Adam. “Translations,” advised by Anne Fadiman

Platoff, Emma. “You Might Be Able to Make It,” advised by Sarah Stillman

Rossler, David. “Trees,” advised by Michael Warner

Teare, Kendall. “All Our Woe,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Vila, Leigh. “SHE and other stories,” advised by John Crowley

Wang, Vivien. “BEAUTIFUL PINK WORLD,” advised by Susan Choi

Wray, Caroline. “APOLOGY FLOWERS & Other Stories,” advised by Susan Choi


Brynes, Hayley. “One little room, an everywhere,” advised by Cynthia Zarin

Fleming, Lucy. “Four Wombs,” advised by Anne Fadiman

Garris, Katherine. “The Atlantic Crossing,” advised by Louise Glück

Gersten, Jennifer. “Quick Quick Slow,” advised by Richard Deming

Kaelin, Kathryn. “Synapses,” advised by Richard Deming

Mahoney, John. “Stubbed Toes: A novella in progress,” advised by John Crowley

McDonald, Kendrick. “On Ice, In Water,” advised by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Orbison, Jake. ” The Wedding Video,” advised by Louise Glück

Pellegrini, Roger. “Glitch Lyric,” advised by Richard Deming

Preston, Oliver. “Telephone,” advised by Cynthia Zarin

Prillaman, Ruth. “Survival,” advised by Donald Margulies

Shultz, Margaret. “View from Nowhere,” advised by Louise Glück


Binyam, Maya. “Two Heineken for a Brother In His Need,” advised by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Carney, Abigail. “Magic,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Eames-Scott, Nimal. “The Inheritance of Jawbone Brown,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Gore, David. “Grandmother,” advised by John Crowley

Imparato, Anthony. “Stay, Illusion,” advised by John Crowley

Katz, Ariel. “Rosebay,” advised by John Crowley

Kirchway, Tobias. “Valley Forge,” advised by Louise Glück

Page, Alonzo. “Other & Unruly,” advised by Richard Deming

Ramos, Wilfredo. “Blindfolded in the Dark,” advised by Donald Margulies

Shan, Joy. “Telling Time,” advised by Richard Deming

Sirakian, Eric. “Anoush,” advised by Donald Margulies

Thaker, Aria. ” ABCD Story,” advised by Caryl Phillips

Thomas, Shawnna. “They Drank At Funerals,” advised by Nalini Jones

Tolentino, Vincent. “White Space,” advised by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Wang, Amy. “Seas Have Been Waiting”, advised by Nalini Jones


Awachie, Ifeanyl. “from Ada,” advised by Caryl Phillips

Bethencourt, Daniel. “Bronze Age, Selected Stories,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Gasso, Jordi. “Manelic of the Lowlands,” advised by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Greenberg, Zoe. “The Devine Comedy,” advised by Mark Schoofs

Joyner, Alec. “Blind Contour: A Lineage,” advised by Richard Deming

Li, Sue. “Testimony and Other Essays,” advised by Richard Deming

Lipstein, Rachel. “In Dry Dock:  A Month of Maintenance Aboard The Clearwater,” advised by Anne Fadiman

Mandel, Eli. “Footing Slow: A Walk with Keats,” advised by Anne Fadiman

Matsumoto, Ran. “A Child of War,” advised by Tom Hopkins

Nicholson, Jade. “Searching for Survivors,” advised by John Crowley

Ohayon, Eden. “Calipatria,” advised by Donald Margulies

Saverin, Diana. “Nothing More than a Wink of an Eye,” advised by Fred Strebeigh

Sheehy, Felicity. “The Nights Not Separate,” advised by J.D. McClatchy

Zhu, Rebecca. “skybluepink,” advised by Caryl Phillips


Bezek, Andrew. “FishSwarm,” advised by Emily Barton

Champlin, Niloka. “Find Directions Out,” advised by J.D. McClatchy

Glaser, Dana. “That Was a Different Time,” advised by Caryl Phillips

Gomez, Carlos. “a collection of lonely men,” advised by John Crowley

Graham, Zachary. “The Torus Knot or Our Account of Davey Grimes’ Time in The Null,” advised by John Crowley

Hensley-Clancy, Molly. “The Locker:  Family, Loss, and Meat in Small-Town America,” advised by Anne Fadiman

Hernandez, Orlando. “Emulsion,” advised by Louise Glück

Huber, Sam. “The Wronged Man’s Book of Wrong Men,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Kauder-Nalebuff, Rachel. “The Givers,” advised by Donald Margulies

Lalwani, Nikita. “Perpetual Memory,” advised by Fred Strebeigh

Levy, Nicole. “The Hidden Patient:  A Caregiver, Her Mother, and the Dementia that Afflicts Them Both,” advised by Anne Fadiman

Matthes, Sarah. “The Hatbox,” advised by Louise Glück

Mercer-Golden, Zoe. “The New World,” advised by Louise Glück

Peak, Christopher. “Prepped,” advised by Fred Strebeigh

Ritvo, Max. “Mammals,” advised by Louise Glück

Sathian, Sanjena. “The Cartographist,” advised by John Crowley

Strauss, Ilana. “A Steamboatman in 2012,” advised by John Crowley

Sullivan, Sam. “Lookbook,” advised by Cynthia Zarin

Urry, Amelia. “Entropia,” advised by Louise Glück


Bernhardt, Austin. “How I Met My Mother and Other Essays,” advised by Cynthia Zarin

Blake, Laura. “Keeping Company and Other Essays,” advised by Cynthia Zarin

Cigarroa, Barbara. “Over The River, Under the Dirt, He Lives, , He Lies, He Dies,” advised by John Crowley

Feldman, Jacqueline. “Precarious Lease,” advised by Fred Strebeigh

Gellman, Lindsay. “Shunted and other stories,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Jeffrey, Robert. “Worthington Manor,” advised by John Crowley

Keegan, Marina. “Not Wisely, But Too Well,” advised by John Crowley

Kessler, Zara. “The Worst of the Best,” advised by Anne Fadiman

Lund, Kate. “North Fork,” advised by John Crowley

Magarik, Yasha. “The Southern Cross,” advised by John Crowley

Mott, Christian. “To Sea,” advised by John Crowley

Prendergast, Finola. “The Spiral City,” advised by John Crowley

Schultz, Rebecca. “The Last Acrobat,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Traylor, Margaret. “I’m from Polksville,” advised by Caryl Phillips

Veltfort, Sophia. “A Pennyboy for Aunts,” advised by Michael Cunningham

Yee, Vivian. “Nocturne for Father and Daughter,” advised by Anne Fadiman