Writing Resources

English 114 Guides

These guides were created by Felisa Baynes-Ross to support students’ writing and research in English 114 and may also be used by the instructors who teach these courses, as well as students and instructors in other courses. The creation of these guides was possible with an FAS Professional Development Leave and support from Jessica Brantley, Maria del Mar Galindo, Sarah Harford, Margaret Homans, Heather Klemann, Stefanie Markovits, Ben Pokross, Jae Kirkland Rice, Erica Sayers, and Rasheed Tazudeen.

 What You Should Know About Writing

“What You Should Know About Writing” addresses misconceptions about writing and provides strategies for success in English 114 and other courses. Download “What You Should Know About Writing” (PDF).

 Reading Strategies

“Reading Strategies” offers practical strategies and approaches to help you read scholarly texts. Download “Reading Strategies” (PDF).

 Key Elements of an Academic Argument

“Key Elements of an Academic Argument” defines the key elements of an academic argument and provides examples to help you close read arguments. Download “Key Elements of an Academic Argument” (PDF).

 Close Reading for Argument

“Close Reading for Argument” outlines the steps involved in analyzing academic arguments. Download “Close Reading” (PDF).

 Writing Academic Argument

“Writing Academic Argument” identifies some key moves to help you join academic conversations. Download “Writing Academic Argument” (PDF).

 What is Revision?

This “Revision Guide” explains the role of revision in writing and offers strategies to help you revise effectively. Download “What is Revision?” (PDF).

Some Matters of Form

Download here