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ENGL 487 Tutorial in Writing Application Form

ENGL 488 Special Projects for Juniors and Seniors Application Form

ENGL 489 Writing Concentration and Senior Project Application

ENGL 490/491 Senior Essay I/II Application Form

English Distribution Request Form

Outside Course Request Form

Recommendation Letter Request Form

Senior Seminar Certification Form

Senior Library Requirement Completion Form

Transfer/Study Abroad Credit Request Form



Friday, November 5, 9:00am, Online Preference Selection Opens for ENGL 125, 126, 127, & 128 (foundational courses) and English senior seminars. Priority for placement in these courses through preference selection will be given to students who need to fulfill the requirements of the English major. Students may also enroll if seats are available during early registration period, Nov 18 – Dec 15.

Please note that there will not be preference selection for ENGL 114 or ENGL 115 for Spring 2022 (preference selection for these courses will resume for Fall 2022). Interested students are invited to enroll when early registration opens on November 18. No instructor permission required.

Thursday, November 11, 5:00pm, Online Preference Selection Closes.


All submissions due by NOON, unless otherwise noted. See the full listing of English creative writing and journalism courses on the department website for complete instructions.

Spring term 2022: applications for the following courses are due on Thursday, November 11, by 12:00 noon.

ENGL 407 Introduction to Writing Fiction. Susan Choi.
ENGL 408 Introduction to Writing Poetry. Cynthia Zarin.
ENGL 450 Daily Themes. Mark Oppenheimer.
ENGL 455 Writing about Oneself. Anne Fadiman.
ENGL 456 The Practice of Literary Translation. Peter Cole.
ENGL 459 Writing About Science, Medicine, and the Environment. Carl Zimmer.
ENGL 460 Advanced Poetry Writing. Zarin.
ENGL 461 The Art and Craft of Television Drama. Aaron Tracy.
ENGL 462 Writing Screenplay Adaptations. Donald Margulies.
ENGL 465 Advanced Fiction Writing. Susan Choi.
ENGL 465 Advanced Fiction Writing. Michael Cunningham.
ENGL 467 Journalism. Susan Dominus.
ENGL 473 The Journalism of Ideas. James Surowiecki.
ENGL 480 Long-form Narrative. Sarah Stillman.

Fall term 2022: TBA. Same as early registration period in the spring term


November 18 at 9:00 am - December 15 at 5:00 pm


ENGL 487 Tutorial in Writing; ENGL 488 Special Projects for Juniors & Seniors; ENGL 489 The Writing Concentration Program & Senior Project; ENGL 490/491 Senior Essay:

Spring term 2022: we recommend that you reach out to your potential advisor by early November to schedule a meeting; the signed proposal will be due on Monday, November 29, by 12:00 noon; students will be notified by Monday, December 6, at 5:00 pm whether the proposal has been approved or revisions are required. Contact Jane Bordiere with any questions.

Fall term 2022: TBA.


Junior Advising Statement Forms are due at the end of Junior Advising Week, December 5-10.


ENGL 487 Tutorial in Writing; ENGL 488 Special Projects for Juniors & Seniors

Fall term 2021: Friday, December 10 (last day of classes)
Spring term 2022: Friday, April 29 (last day of classes)

ENGL 489 The Writing Concentration Senior Project*:

Fall term 2021: Friday, December 10 (last day of classes)
Spring term 2022: Friday, April 22 (Friday before last day of classes)

ENGL 490/491 The Senior Essay I/II*

Fall term 2021:

Five to ten pages due Friday, September 24 (end of 4th week of class)
Draft of the full essay due Friday, November 5 (end of 10th week of class)
Final essay due Friday, December 10 (end of last week of class)*

Spring term 2022:

Five to ten pages due Friday, February 11
Draft of the full essay due Friday, April 1
Final essay due Friday, April 29*

*Submit a pdf of the completed Concentration Project and/or Senior Essay via email to Jane by noon, and deliver a hard copy to her in LC 107.


Thursday, April 21, 12.00 noon (ET), submissions to all categories are due, except
Friday, April 29, 12:00 noon (ET), submissions to categories H-1 & H-2 (essays by seniors) are due

Prize descriptions and submission instructions are available on the English website.

Questions? Contact Jane Bordiere or Erica Sayers.