Junior Advising

In the fall of the junior year, majors will meet with their department faculty advisors to discuss their needs and aspirations for senior year. The goal of Junior Advising Week is to encourage each student to discuss with an advisor how to make the final few semesters of their Yale careers as intellectually stimulating and satisfying as possible. To this end, students will prepare a short statement of their progress in the major to date and their goals for the senior year.
Juniors: Please fill out the Junior Year Statement form, and bring your printed statement to the meeting with your advisor. After your conversation, submit your signed form to the Assistant Registrar, Jane Bordiere, in the department office in LC 107, or send a scanned copy to her via email.
Choosing an advisor: Your advisor can be any English professor, and usually it is most rewarding to choose someone who works in a field that particularly interests you. Alternatively, you may meet with the DUS or the Associate DUS.
Junior Year Statement forms are due by the last day of classes: Friday, December 8, at 4:00 PM.