Conference Funding Resources for Graduate Students

There are currently two sources of funding to which English doctoral students can apply for help with conference expenses, the English Department Graduate Student Conference Travel Fund and the Linda H. Peterson Research and Conference Travel Fund, named in memory of a former professor by her colleagues, students, friends, and family. There is one form* to apply to both of these sources of funding, which offer English graduate students a combined total of up to $1,500. The funding can either be disbursed in one lump sum or in several smaller sums. A typical award amount is $500. Requests may be submitted before or after the conference.

The application requires a budget that indicates, whenever possible, other funding sources.

Applications for the Peterson Funds should also include:

  • a cover letter describing the conference or research to be supported
  • an explanation of how this travel will advance a student’s professional development

In addition, there are external funding sources:

MacMillan Center International Conference Travel Grants

Graduate Student Assembly Conference Travel Fellowship

*Forms Tip: log into your Microsoft account using your Yale email address and password. Please note that if you are trying to access the form while logged into any email on your browser that is not your Yale one, the page will not load.