Faculty Advisors

Students choose their own faculty advisors. You may ask someone with whom you have worked before or someone with whom you might like to work in the future. In choosing your advisor, you may wish to consult the faculty fields of interest on the English Department website, and you may ask the DUS or ADUS for advice. Please be aware that there is a limit to how many majors one faculty member can advise, and do not be upset if someone turns you down. Ideally, you will have the same advisor throughout your time in the major, but that may not be possible for a variety of reasons, including faculty leaves. If you have trouble finding a replacement, ask the DUS or ADUS for help.

Your faculty advisor will meet with you to discuss your registration worksheets each term. In addition, during the first semester junior year, you will meet with your faculty advisor and prepare a Junior Advising Statement. Junior advising marks an important moment in the English major, when you take stock of what you have studied in the department so far and make plans to design your ideal program for the next three semesters. Your adviser can help you to pursue specific intellectual interests, while making sure you are fulfilling all the requirements needed to graduate. After this meeting, make sure you turn in your Junior Advising Statement form to the department office by the end of fall-term classes.