Student Initiatives

English Student Advisory Committee (ESAC)

Lea Cioffi, Aranxa Galvan, Charlotte Hughes, Nora Hylton, Madeline Levin, Graham Litz, John Nguyen, Olivia O’Connor, Michael Paz, Idone Rhodes

ESAC is a student-driven organization made up of majors who want to help build community and represent the student perspective in the department. Each year there is an opportunity to reimagine the role ESAC might play.

In the past, the committee has organized fun social events to promote bonding among majors, as well as interesting intellectual events about books, language, literature, and literary criticism. ESAC has also helped advise faculty on changes to the curriculum and on questions of departmental climate and inclusion. And the committee has traditionally served as a point of contact for prospective majors.

English Lunch Tables

Come join faculty from the English department for informal conversation during our monthly Lunch Tables in Jonathan Edwards College Dining Hall.

The first English Lunch Table will take place on Wednesday, November 1, at 12:00-12:45pm and will be hosted by Cathy Nicholson, Tasha Eccles, Naomi Levine, and Priyasha Mukhopadhyay. Look for the ENGLISH sign on our table!

Thursday, November 30, 12:45-1:30
Monday, February 5, 12:00-12:45
Tuesday, March 5, 12:45-1:30
Friday, April 5, 12:00-12:45

English Major Mentoring

Sign up for English major mentorship pairing (coming soon).

Summer Opportunities

Share information with other English majors about summer jobs, internships, fellowships and grants–past, present, and future!

Summer Opportunities for Yale English Majors

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