Current Work

For Graduates:

Alanna Hickey, Sarah Guayante, Erica Sayers, and Michael Abraham are members of a working group to continue the work of last year’s DEI Committee to examine grievance procedures and liaise with the Director of Graduate Studies on other issues raised by the graduate community.

For Instructional Faculty:

Derek Green, Kim Shirkhani, and Jill Campbell are members of a working group to explore:

  • producing an English Department version of the instructional faculty handbook 
  • creating a mechanism for making visible and quantifying instructional faculty workloads in collaboration with the Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • finding out about (and in their absence, implementing) procedures for applying for salary increases and promotions e.g., annual review
  • increasing instructional faculty recognition through prizes and events

On Outreach:

David Kastan, Sunny Xiang, Jill Richards, and Stephanie Newell have formard a working group to

  • explore the possibilities for funding summer internships with students from HBCUs and report back to the DEI Committee
  • gather information about and publicize other forms of outreach relevant to members of the department (e.g., YPEI; Teachers Institute; First Year Scholars at Yale; Warrior-Scholars Project; Pathways to the Arts and Humanities; Wexler-Grant Reading Corps; and other volunteer activities organized out of Dwight Hall)
  • liaise with Black Students for Disarmament at Yale (BSDY) group