Andrew Ehrgood Awarded The Richard Brodhead ‘68 Prize for Teaching Excellence

May 14, 2018

Generous,” “innovative,” “engaging,” “refreshing,” “dedicated”: These are just some of the words students used to describe this year’s winners of Yale College teaching prizes.

The six winners of the university’s top prizes recognizing undergraduate teaching excellence were honored in a ceremony on May 7 in Sterling Memorial Library attended by many of the students who nominated the faculty members, along with some of their colleagues. This year’s winners are Joanne Freeman, Andrew Ehrgood, Timothy Newhouse, Harrison Huibin Zhou, Rosie Bsheer, and Kurt Zilm.

Yale College Dean Marvin Chun presented the annual awards. Calling Yale “the research institution most dedicated to teaching and learning,” he explained that what makes this university special is that its faculty members are both distinguished scholars in their fields and highly dedicated teachers who make classroom learning a top priority.

Andrew Ehrgood — The Richard H. Brodhead ’68 Prize for Teaching Excellence

Andrew Ehrgood, lecturer in English, your students praise your “infectious love of the material,” the time and guidance you generously give them, and your unique presence and sense of humor in the classroom.

Your students describe your devotion to their learning outside of the classroom, and how you give an “unusually generous amount of time meeting with each student individually and initiating personal teacher-student interactions that are crucial to a student’s development, especially in the writing process.”

One student says of you, “He gives more to his students than any teacher I’ve ever met, and he doesn’t do it because he has boundless free time, or has no other interests besides teaching. He does it because he believes that a teacher’s duty is to give everything he or she has to his or her students.”

For your gifts as a teacher and for sharing them with your students, Yale College is thus honored to award the Richard H. Brodhead ’68 Prize for Teaching Excellence to you, Andrew Ehrgood.

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(Photo by Jim Anderson)

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