Hazlitt: The Mind of a Critic

David Bromwich
November 1999

Essayist, lecturer, and radical pamphleteer, William Hazlitt (1778-1830) was the greatest of English critics and a master of the art of prose. This book is a superb appreciation of the man and his works, at once a revaluation of the aesthetics of Romanticism and a sustained intellectual portrait. Nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award in criticism when it was first published in 1983, it is now reissued with a new preface and bibliography by the author.

“Few literary figures in recent decades have seen their reputations rise as securely as Hazlitt’s. Now it will soar. David Bromwich’s book is the most persuasive and ambitious exploration of Hazlitt’s genius hitherto attempted.”—Michael Foot, New Republic

Hazlitt: the Mind of a Critic is an intellectual biography in the best sense of the word, and intellectual biography is the type of writing that shows Hazlitt in his truest light.”—Kenneth R. Johnston, Indiana University

“Bromwich’s volume was first published in 1983, and its achievement has never been questioned. All Romanticists recognize that this is one of the great critical works in our field to appear in the post-war era. It aspires to (and achieves) a classical simplicity and elegance.”—Duncan Wu, University of Glasgow