English Major or Med School? It’s not a choice!

November 20, 2017

Excerpt from “A surprising number of doctors were undergrad English majors- and it’s not just about GPA,” by Mark Abadi. Originally published on BusinessInsider.com on 11/16/17.

“There’s a decent chance your doctor didn’t study biology, chemistry, or any other science when they first got to college.
A surprising number of students in medical schools actually have backgrounds in a surprising field: English.
According to career site Zippia, English is the seventh-most popular undergraduate major for doctors, and the most popular major that isn’t a hard science or medical field.
People who major in English and other fields in the humanities also appear to enroll in medical schools at greater rates than other majors. According to the most recent data from the Association of American Medical Colleges, 46% of humanities majors who applied to US med schools ended up enrolling, compared to just 38% of biological science majors and 44% of physical science majors.
Humanities majors also boasted the highest MCAT scores of all applicants, Zippia found. (It is worth noting that just over 1,900 humanities majors applied to med schools last school year, compared to more than 28,000 biological science majors.)
So why do English majors seem to have an edge? While some speculate that majoring in English leads to a higher GPA and a more impressive resume, that likely isn’t the case.”
Want to lean why English majors seem to have an edge in Medical School applications? Read the full article HERE.
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