Pam Newton: Eight Books That Will Change Your Perspective in The Atlantic

July 8, 2024

An epiphany isn’t always heralded by trumpets or bolts of lightning. I once had a flash of clarity while unlocking my bike: As if I had also unlocked my mind, I suddenly knew that I had to end the relationship I was in. It was one of those rare moments when you face a truth you’ve been avoiding or see life from a new perspective. The resulting vision isn’t always pretty (I started crying as soon as I got on my bike), but it sparkles with lucidity.

Predicting what will snap you into awareness like this is hard, but one of the joys of reading is encountering someone else’s awakening on the page. Their understanding may gather slowly over the course of the book, or the clouds may suddenly part. You may be one step ahead of a character and itching for them to catch up, or you may be stunned right along with them.

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