Undergraduate Prizes

May 18, 2020

Heartiest congratulations to the English Prize winners for 2019-2020!


Academy of American Poets: Olivia Belliveau

Albert Stanborough Cook Prize: Olivia Belliveau and Emma Brodey

Gordon Barber Memorial Prize: Eileen Huang, Tiana Wang, and Jared Newman

J. Edward Meeker Prize for Freshman Poetry: Forrest LaPrade and Elena Castro


Elmore A. Willetts Prize for Fiction: George Nighswander , David Hurtado, and Joshua Baize

J. Edward Meeker Prize for Freshman Fiction: Jessica Wang


Henry P. Wright Prize: Sabrina Bustamante, Marina Tinone, and Charles Lee

John Hersey Prize in Journalism for a “body of work”: Mara Hoplamazian and Hailey Fuchs

John Hersey Prize in Journalism for a Longer Work of Nonfiction: TC Martin, Paul Gross, and Annie Rosenthal

John Hubbard Curtis Prize for “love of the English language and facility in writing”: Adam Tucker and Emma Brodey

First-Year Essay Prizes

Winston T. Townsend Prize “for excellence in English composition”: Daniel Edison, Adam Zhang, and Hillary Nguyen

J. Edward Meeker Freshman English Prize: Olivia Tucker, Serena Lin, and Zachary Andalman 

Bloch Prize “for the best essay in English”: Jack Delaney

McLaughlin Memorial Prize for Excellence in English composition: Mathis Bitton, Ali Brown, and Kanyinsola Anifowoshe 

Sophomore Prizes

John Hubbard Curtis Prize for “love of the English language and facility in writing”: Jesse Godine, Aurora Grutman, and Cathy Duong

C. Wyllis Betts Prize: Jesse Godine

Junior Prizes

John Hubbard Curtis Prize for “love of the English language and facility in writing”: Gabrielle Colangelo and Daniel Yadin

American Literature Prizes

Richard Schoenberg Prize for “the best critical essay upon an American poet”: Maslen Ward 

Henry H. Strong Prize in American Literature: Maslen Ward 

Senior Prizes

Chauncey Brewster Tinker Prize for the Outstanding Senior in English: Vanessa Chung and Max Graham

Sholom & Marcia Herson Scholarship Prize “for students in the Senior Class … who shall have done outstanding work in English Language and Literature and who intend to do graduate work in English literature”: Andrew Ballard and Minh Vu

Ralph Paine Memorial Prize for the Best Senior Essay in English: Nicole Blackwood and Vanessa Chung

Lloyd Mifflin Prize for an Outstanding Senior Essay in English: Charles Lee and Jared Newman

John Hubbard Curtis Prize for Excellence in English Courses and in a Senior Essay: Andrew Ballard, Julia Carabatsos, Max Graham, Janis Jin, Mariah Kreutter, Charles Lee, Sean Lynch, Lucy Silbaugh, Liana van Nostrand, and Minh Vu

Edward Thompkins McLaughlin Scholarship for Outstanding Work in the Major: Janis Jin and Jared Newman

Drama Prize

The Marina Keegan Award for Excellence: Walker Caplan and Carrie Mannino

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