Wendy Belcher: “Discursive Possession: African Thought and the Eighteenth-Century English Author Samuel Johnson”

October 21, 2011

Friday, October 21at 4:00, LC 319. The 18th-19th-Century and African Studies Colloquium presents: Wendy Belcher is Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Princeton University. Wendy specializes in medieval, early modern, and modern African literature. Her current research addresses the circulation of African thought in Europe and England before the nineteenth century. She works at the intersection of diaspora, postcolonial, and eighteenth-century studies, theorizing transcultural intertextuality as a form of discursive possession in which African discourse animates representations in the English canon. These scholarly interests emerge from Professor Belcher’s life experiences growing up in East and West Africa, where she became fascinated with the richness of Ghanaian and Ethiopian intellectual traditions.

Respondent: Hilary Menges, Ph.D. candidate in English at Yale

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