Caleb Smith: “No Crisis”: A LARB special series on the state of criticism now.

February 6, 2015

We proudly announce the series “No Crisis,” a Los Angeles Review of Books special series on the state of criticism now featuring Professor Caleb Smith, Yale English graduate student, Merve Emre, and  LARB’s own executive editor for the humanities, Sarah Mesle.

“No Crisis” is a Los Angeles Review of Books special series considering the state of critical thinking and writing — literary interpretation, art history, and cultural studies — in the 21st century. A new installment to the series will be released at the beginning of each month through the fall of 2015. The aim, as theintroductory essay explains, is to “show that the art of criticism is flourishing, rich with intellectual power and sustaining beauty, in hard times.”

The online creation can be found here:

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